All Boys Boarding Schools for Troubled Boys in New Jersey

You're not alone as a New Jersey parent struggling with a troubled teen son? It's no easy task to stand by and watch your child engage in destructive and dangerous behavior, and you may be wondering what you can do about it. The good news is that many parents are discovering that enrolling their sons in a boys boarding school for troubled teens from New Jersey is an excellent solution.

New Jersey families that are ready to find help for a troubled boy should consider Liahona Academy, a boarding school for troubled youth that really works. The professional help provided by our school can really turn your teen's life around.

We suggest that you call Liahona Academy now for a free consultation at 1-855-587-1416.


How Our All Boys Academy Can Help Troubled Teens From New Jersey

Liahona Academy stands head and shoulders above the therapeutic boarding schools in New Jersey for several reasons. Our boys boarding schools provide troubled tens with the best kins of environment where the boys can begin working on their problematic issues. Because we are located in Utah, troubled teens from New Jersey have the chance to start a new chapter in their life, away from bad friends, frustrated teachers and tension at home. Liahona Academy is a quick plane ride away from new Jersey, and is well worth researching as an option for your son. Our successful track record and more than 15 years of qualified experience helping troubled teen boys means that we can help your son too.

Our Utah location is important for another reason. Not every all boarding schools for troubled boys in New Jersey are the same, and there are often big differences in how teen help programs are regulated, based on their state laws. Utah has very straightforward, strict laws and regulations, some of the best in the country, so you can feel comfort in knowing that we have high standards and oversight. It is never an easy task for parents alone to work with out-of-control troubled boys and it is for this reason that turning to professional assistance is often the best choice for everyone. Liahona Academy is a great place for troubled boys to receive the professional intervention they need.

All Boys Boarding Schools Will Help New Jersey Troubled Boys

The unique environment created by boarding schools for troubled boys promotes positive change. Unlike other short-term teen help programs, like troubled teenage wilderness camps or boot camps, therapeutic boarding schools last for 9 to 12 months and really give the boys a chance to gain long-term benefits that last a lifetime. The lessons, skills and support the boys receive at all boys boarding schools enable them to change to momentum of their lives from negative to positive.

Here are just a few of the benefits of boarding schools for boys in New Jersey:

  • Structured living. Troubled boys live in a safe and supportive environment, far removed from the negative influences they knew at home. They live in a group home or family-style setting and share responsibilities like cleaning, cooking and other life skills and chores.
  • Therapy. Licensed and experienced therapists have sessions for groups and individuals with each troubled boy to understand the root of their problem. No matter what emotional, behavioral or mental health issue there is, the therapist will work with each boy until they are on the road toward healing.
  • Academic emphasis. Boarding schools for troubled boys offer their students the very best in academics, as well as therapeutic care. Licensed and professional teachers teach their students in small groups for one-on-one attention. Many boarding schools offer their students beneficial programs like GPA repair, special education tutoring and even the chance to earn a high school diploma.. Boarding schools for troubled boys can provide your child with the care he needs to get him life back on track.
  • Recreational therapy: Troubled teen boys need to learn new ways to have fun, bond with others and release their energy, frustrations and tension. recreational therapy can include veryehing from music, art and drama to hiking, camping, boating and biking. The benefits are enormous to the life of a troubled teen boy.
  • Life skills: therapeutic boarding schools also focus on getting teenagers to become more independent and develop the skills they need to succeed in the real world. From leadership opportunities to learning about budgets and job interviews, many boarding schools for troubled youth hold life skills seminars and classes throughout the year to improve each boy's social skills.

Troubled boys who are attending a boarding school for troubled boys will be surrounded by trained professionals, who are uniquely experienced in helping troubled boys. Troubled boys from New Jersey and around the country are doing better than ever in these types of teen help programs. Liahona Academy has helped hundreds of families have a good experience in restoring hope and peace. We really are able to make a difference in the lives of troubled teen boys and we are ready to help your son, too.

Issues For Teens Without New Jersey Boarding Schools

New Jersey teens who have real issues and don't get professional help for these conditions can end up doing all kinds of things to mask their pain. Risky behavior often takes place when troubled boys want to escape, fit in with others, distract themselves from their troubles, or even just want their problems to disappear. Without professional therapy on a consistent basis, the troubled teen boys can increase their bad heavier until the consequences are too great.

Below are a few of the behaviors that New Jersey teens at risk may be involved in:

  • Suicide: New Jersey ranks 48th in the nation for teen suicides.
  • Alcohol abuse: 20.6% of New Jersey teens at some time abuse alcohol
  • Binge drinking: 11.7% of New Jersey teens are binge drinking
  • Drug use: Marijuana use in New Jersey teens is 7.3% while illicit drug use is 4.5%
  • Juvenile arrests: Within one year, there were 925 property crime arrests and 332 arrests for violent crimes
  • Graduation rate: New Jersey has an 83% high school graduation rate

Therapeutic boarding schools for boys in new Jersey are proven therapeutic solutions for troubled boys like your son. Once you reach the point of being ready to consider professional intervention options, you will find that we are a top choice.

Choose Liahona Academy Over New Jersey Boarding Schools

Enrolling your son in a boarding school for troubled youth may seem like one of the most difficult decisions of your life. However, it's a wonderfully loving thing to do because you are giving him the professional help he needs in a safe and supportive environment where professionals will work hard to help him heal and restore the peace and joy in your family. Liahona Academy deserves your attention as a successful boarding school for boys from all over the states. We want to help you and your family by working with your son to turn his struggles into success.

The qualifiees professionals of Liahona Academy are here to support families like yours find a place for their troubled teen boys to heal. To get through this hard time, please entertain the idea of calling for a consultation for free at 1-855-587-1416.

Cities in New Jersey with Troubled Teen Boys Who Could Find Help in a Boarding School for Boys

Newark, Jersey City, Atlantic City, Paterson, Elizabeth, Edison, Toms River, Trenton, Camden, Clifton, East Orange, Passaic, Union City, Bayonne, Irvington, Vineland, Union, Wayne, New Brunswick, Plainfield, Bloomfield, Perth Amboy, East Brunswick, West New York, West Orange and Hackensack.


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