All Boys Boarding Schools For Troubled Teens From Colorado


If you are a Colorado parent of a troubled teen, chances are you are seeking any kind of help to relieve your stress and worry. No matter what you do, your troubled teenage boy will be resistant to the idea of getting professional help and resist as hard as he can. That's why attending an all boys boarding school for troubled teens in Colorado may be the best solution to your troubled teen's predicament. Liahona Academy is a mental health residential treatment center that works with troubled boys from all over the country and helps them correct their current, negative course. At some point, your teen son needs more help than you can give, so think about a teen help program.

After carefully assessing your boy’s situation, if you think that an all boys boarding school will fit his and your needs, call Liahona Academy at 1-855-587-1416 and speak with us about your troubled teen and all boys boarding schools.

Why Liahona Academy?

Liahona Academy has a good success rate for treating troubled teen boys, and with 20 years of experience, there are few problems we can't handle. Common teen issues include depression, anxiety, oppositional defiant disorder, substance abuse, abuse trauma, bipolar, and more. Emotional, behavioral and mental health issues can all be worked on at Liahona Academy, thanks to trained and qualified staff members.

Also, because we are located in Utah, we are subject to some of the strictest laws in the country. Other states have not enacted tough laws that hold teen help programs to standards that are quite as high as Utah. That means you can get peace of mind knowing that definitely one of the top in the country when it comes to running rehabilitation programs for troubled teen boys. Because we are just a short drive away, your teen will get the chance to start a new chapter in life without being too far from home.

Benefits of Our All Boys Boarding School for Troubled Teens in Colorado.

Troubled teens from Colorado start treatment at our all boys boarding school right away, and the benefits are worth checking out. Above all, we want to help teen boys with their personal struggles and the obstacles they are currently facing in life. Emotional, behavioral and mental health issues can derail even the brightest teens, but at Liahona Academy, we are using our full resources to get each teen back on track.

Most of the time, troubled teens from Colorado see that all boys boarding schools can provide a fun setting and the support they need to excel academically and heal their hearts and minds. Here are just a few of the benefits of attending Liahona Academy instead of a boarding school for troubled teens in Colorado:

Fewer distractions: Without old friends, girls or bad habits to occupy their attention, boys can focus more on learning and personal growth. They can think less about being the cool guy in school or dating. Most boys find themselves enjoying school when they don’t have to worry about how others perceive them.

Academics: Boarding schools enable troubled teens to challenge themselves in schoolwork and focus more on gaining a high school diploma. Smaller class sizes and good academic counselors highly benefit boys who are struggling academically. Because of the residential aspect of these schools, troubled teens have the opportunity to seek help at any time of the day.

Therapy. Licensed and certified counselors spend time with troubled ten boys several days a week in individual and group therapy sessions. Teens concentrate on learning new coping skills, uncovering the root of their issues and how to handle their unique emotional, behavioral or mental health challenges.

Sense of independence: Because boarding schools separate troubled teens from their parents, troubled teen boys gain a new sense of responsibility. Liahona Academy provides a wide variety of activities for them to engage in, like recreational therapy activities, life skills classes and leadership and citizenship training.. Though these teens are provided with excellent mentors and counselors to help them along the way, it is generally up to them how their time is spent in an all boys’ boarding school.

The boys who enroll at Liahona Academy have the chance to navigate their own personal growth into adulthood. Our goal is to help every troubled teen boy that wants it, and we love to see their success. It's never too late for a troubled teen boy to make changes, and we are ready to guide him toward the best path. We are offering you and your troubled teen hope and healing and want to help him find a way back to his normal, happy self.

Issues Teens Face Without Schools for Troubled Boys in Colorado

Modern adolescence is full of a number of challenges that can lead boys to engage in risky behaviors. Emotional, behavioral and mental health issues are very common in teens, and often they are scared, hurt or frustrated. Some do it to mask pain or frustration, while others do it to fit in, get attention or rebel. No matter what the motivation for risky behavior, there are serious consequences ahead for teens if they don't get professional help.

Here are just a few of the statistics surrounding troubled teens in Colorado:

Teen boys and girls who don't receive counseling for their emotional, behavioral or mental health issues can make some really big mistakes when it comes to their behavior. There are very few situations where teens can become successful adults while engaging in these risky behaviors without a significant change in the course of their lives.

At Liahona Academy, we provide that professional help, while keeping your teen son safe from the negative influences of others and keep him away from situations where he might normally get into trouble. We believe that every boy has a bright future and our goal is to help each boy unlock his own potential.

Liahona Academy Can Help You and Your Troubled Teen From Colorado

Liahona Academy is exactly the kind of place that your teenage boy needs, and because we specialize in helping teenage boys from Colorado and all over the nation, it is never too late to begin. Our therapeutic programs are very successful and our focus on academics means that boys continue to develop themselves as young men.

While other boarding schools in Colorado may have some similar features, you don't have to settle for schools in your state. Liahona Academy is a short drive away and is really the right place for your troubled teen son. Call Liahona Academytoday at 1-855-587-1416 and ask us more about all boys boarding schools and Liahona Academy.

Liahona Academy is Currently Serving Troubled Teens in Colorado From The Following Cities:

Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Lakewood, Fort Collins, Arvada, Pueblo, Westminster, Boulder, Thornton, Greeley, Longmont, Highlands Ranch, Loveland, Southglenn, Grand Junction, Littleton, Broomfield, Wheat Ridge, Englewood, Northglenn and Ken Caryl

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