All Boys Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens From Florida

There are no words that can express the worry and heartbreak that you feel when your teenage son is engaging in risky behavior and making bad choices. You might be a parent who is researching different types of residential treatment centers and boarding schools for troubled teens in Florida, you should be aware of all the different options out there for your son. Liahona Academy, a licensed residential treatment center, is similar to an all boys boarding school for troubled teens from Florida. Liahona specializes in helping your teenager move past his emotional, behavioral and mental health issues. With a unique program that has proven successful for hundreds of boys, Liahona Academy is ready to help yours.

If Liahona Academy sounds like it might be the right residential treatment program for your son, please call us at 1-855-587-1416.

Is Liahona Academy a Better Choice than Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens From Florida?

Studies have shown that troubled teen boys that stay at same-sex boarding schools or residential treatment centers often excel more academically and in extracurricular activities. When the idea is first brought up, most boys resist the idea of an all boys boarding school or residential treatment center. However, after engaging in the activities and programs offered, the teens often find themselves enjoying life and school more. At Liahona Academy, we blend academics, therapy, recreation and life skills together to create a comprehensive program designed to help troubled boys heal. Here, they are able to grow more as individuals, gain more responsibility, build healthy relationships and plan for the future.

Liahona Academy vs All Boys Boarding School for Boys from Florida

Not all programs are the same, and there are a number of different locations, philosophies and structure between the varying programs and schools. At Liahona Academy, our organization can provide help and support to troubled teens from Florida who want to get a handle on their issues and get their lives back on track. With issues like substance abuse, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, bipolar, abuse trauma and more dominating teen lives nowadays, it is more important than ever to get the professional assistance teens need.

Liahona Academy can be found in Utah, which provides two advantages over all boys boarding schools in Florida. First, Utah has some of the strictest laws enacted that regulate the teen help industry. These strict laws mean that Utah's residential treatement centers and therapeutic boarding schools for teens have some of the highest standards in the country. This knowledge can provide you with peace of mind as you consider enrolling your son in our program.

The second reason why Utah is a fine place to send troubled teen boys is that it gets them away from their current environment. When boys are stuck in a negative environment with bad friends and frustrated teachers and parents, it's never a good atmosphere for healing. At Liahona Academy, boys can start a new chapter with brand new surroundings.

Liahona Academy's unique program emphasizes the following points:

  • Academic instruction by licensed teachers who specialize in special education
  • Individual and group therapy by licensed therapists
  • Daily behavior assessment and evaluations
  • Leadership training and personal development classes
  • Nutrition and fitness education
  • Recreational therapy that includes hiking, waterskiing, swimming, and fishing
  • Community service activities

There's no other all-boys boarding schools for troubled teens from Florida that operates like we do at Liahona Academy. Our safe, supportive environment and highly qualified staff members who really care can mean the difference in a troubled boy's life, turning him from negative to positive and helping him realize his full potential.

Why Troubled Teens in Florida Need A Residential Treatment Center Like Ours

When troubled teen boys are dealing with some of the most troublesome mental health, emotional, or behavioral issues, it can lead them to participate in high risk behaviors. Sometimes they do it to cover up pain and trauma, while other times they do it to rebel or to fit in. No matter what the motivation, troubled teens need professional help to overcome their issues and learn new ways of coping. Residential treatment centers like Liahona Academy can help keep troubled teen boys away from several at-risk behaviors.

Take a look at what is happening to troubled teens in Florida who could benefit from all boys boarding schools or residential treatment centers like Liahona:

  •         High school graduation: Florida's graduation rate is 71%.
  •         Alcohol abuse: 10%
  •         Drug use: 6.8% for marijuana and 5.2% for other illegal drugs
  •         Suicide: Florida ranks 41st for teenage suicides nationally
  •         Juvenile arrests: There were 2,062 teen arrests (property crime); 471 teen arrests (violent crime), 731 teen arrests (drug abuse) and 104 teen arrests (weapons violations) in just one year.
  •         ADD/ADHD: For Florida children ages 4-17, 11.6% are diagnosed annually.

Rather than waiting for teenagers to become statistics, we encourage parents of troubled teens in Florida to get their children started in a residential treatment center like Liahona Academy. Through professional mentors and trained counselors, we help them to build skills needed to become productive adults instead of struggling teens. Not only do the teens receive therapy, but the academic, recreation and life skills programs give them the tools they need to handle life's challenges, deal with their issues and transition to adulthood more easily.

Liahona Academy Is the Best Choice of Residential Treatment Centers for Troubled Teenagers from Florida

Liahona Academy has emerged as a successful program for a range of troubled teens with more than 15 years of experience in providing therapeutic programs to boys from Florida. Our program helps troubled teens struggling with a wide array of real personal issues, like ADD/ADHD, low self-esteem, defiance issues, anger issues, anxiety, depression, substance abuse and more. The benefits of an all boys program like Liahona Academy helps to further the recovery process and give them new mindset about working hard and finding success for themselves. The top goal we have is to see troubled teens succeed and we are professionally committed to do whatever we can to help them do just that. Call Liahona Academy as soon as possible at 1-855-587-1416 and speak with us about your troubled teen from Florida and our residential treatment center instead of all boys boarding schools within Florida.

Liahona Academy is Aiding Troubled Teens in Florida From These Fine Cities:

Pompano Beach, Jacksonville, Tampa, Lakeland, St. Petersburg, Hialeah, Fort Lauderdale, Tallahassee, Miami, Cape Coral, Port St. Lucie, Miami Beach, Sunrise, Orlando, Plantation, West Palm Beach, Palm Bay, Brandon, Davie and Kendall


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