Anger Management For Adolescents

Anger Management | AdolescentsAnger
is a part of life and a temporary emotion that we all must deal with as human beings. We begin feeling anger as a child, up into the adolescent years. Anger management for adolescents can be tricky because of the skills needed to exercise self-control and self-awareness. It is important to remember that it is perfectly normal to feel angry sometimes, but not to let it control you and becoming overwhelming. Without learning how to control how we feel, anger can become a major issue and cause a loss of logical reasoning. The good news is that there is help available to adolescents who struggle with their emotions. Call Liahona Academy today at 1-855-587-1416 and speak with our representatives about anger management for adolescents.

Knowing When Adolescent Anger Is Out Of Control

As a child, we are unaware of what we are feeling and why. Self-awareness isn’t learned until a few years later, but is developed by the adolescent stages of life. This is why we see young children throwing tantrums and easily becoming upset. As we grow up, we learn to control our emotions and situations that make our emotions hard to handle. For some adolescents, anger is an emotion that is not easily controlled and extra assistance is needed to develop anger management skills. It is important for parents of adolescents to now when adolescent anger is out of control. Adolescents should seek help and learn these valuable skills if:

• Every inconvenience or annoyance that get in the way results in anger.
• Your adolescent results to risk-taking or self-destructive acts to help them cope with feelings of anger.
• Situations that didn’t make your teen angry are suddenly the center of their attention.
• Your teen is acting aggressively or violently towards others, including friends and family.
• Your teen continues to be angry and after a difficult situation has passed.

Liahona Academy Assists Troubled Adolescents With Anger Management

For some adolescents, outside help is needed and should be obtained before negative habits form. Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center that helps troubled adolescents that struggle with personal issues such as emotional issues, substance abuse and addiction, behavioral issues, mental health issues, academic issues, and family or adoption issues. These vast amount of programs can highly benefit adolescents struggling with anger management because of the skills they will learn while participating. We will help them reach their goals and develop an “at home” plan to further assist them in recovering from their personal struggles, even after leaving our facility. Liahona Academy is willing and ready to assist you and your family. For more information, call Liahona Academy at 1-855-587-1416 and ask about anger management for adolescents.

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