Anger Management for Struggling Adolescents

Adolescents are regularly dealing with stress within their lives from different areas such as school, family and friends, but too much stress and problems can cause teenage boys to become angry and that is when anger management and rehabilitation is needed. Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center where troubled boys can receive the help they need. Contact our admissions staff at 855-587-1416, help is out there and you do not have to find it alone.

Anger is a neutral emotion that is neither negative nor positive; it is a natural feeling that every human feels. Only when anger becomes uncontrollable or too frequent can this emotion become dangerous. Feeling angry is normal for growing teenage boys. These boys feel anger due to a number of reasons: stress, rejection, schoolwork, family situations, friends, or a number of other reasons even fear. At Liahona Academy, your troubled son will learn how to control his anger and understand the causes of this emotion he is feeling.

Steps to Calm Down From Anger for Adolescents: 

1. Maintain a log detailing the events/triggers of anger.
2. Acknowledge you have an anger problem.
3. Call on people you know and trust for support and advice.
4. Pause, take long deep breaths, tell yourself you can do this, change thought pattern away from negativity; stop the anger cycle.
5. Make yourself laugh; humor is the best antidote for anger.
6. Do an activity or something that promotes relaxation for you.

Liahona Academy is Here to Help Adolescents Seeking Anger Management

Liahona Academy invites troubled boys to come attend this in-patient residential treatment center for the duration of the program. Adolescents suffering from anger problems can come to find that through therapy and communication, Liahona Academy will assist them in finding the core reasons behind their anger along with daily challenges and activities. Liahona Academy bases the therapeutic programs on the philosophy that teenage boys need a proper balance of love and discipline. With this philosophy in mind, your son will be able to participate in traditional therapy such as individual and group, as well as experiential therapy. Experiential therapy allows troubled boys to heal through physical recreational activities such as hiking, water sports, weightlifting, skiing and other related activities. In addition to therapy, your son will also be able to attend our academics program where he will be able to continue his education while recovering.

We strongly recommend Liahona Academy to troubled adolescents dealing with anger management issues. We are confident that through this program your son will learn more about the causes of his anger so that he may start the healing process and gain a new, positive outlook on life. Contact Liahona Academy today at 855-587-1416 and start the healing process.

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