Behavior Modification at Residential Treatment Programs

Residential treatment programs are facilities designed to provide full time therapeutic care and guidance for troubled teens needing behavior modification. Although many people equate such programs with military style boot camps, which use intimidation to scare teens into good behavior, this is not the curriculum at residential treatment centers. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Residential treatment centers rely on a combination of therapy, academics and healthy activities in a supportive environment to help each teen identify the root of his struggle and create long term changes.

One of the main themes within the programs at residential treatment centers involves phases and levels. This is a behavioral modification technique that is proven to resonate with most teens as it requires gaining experience through the consequences of their own behavior. Rather than simply being told what to do, a teen is able to adjust his actions to achieve a more positive result and work through the various levels that yield appropriate rewards. Many programs also use adventure and recreation therapy in order for teens to challenge their own weaknesses, recognize their strengths and encourage positive peer interaction. The pride and satisfaction in the emotional progression goes a long way toward building self-esteem and overall confidence.

Other behavioral modification methods involve both individual and group therapy as a way to address specific issues and learn to communicate more effectively with peers and authority figures. This immersion in a family style group sets the stage for when teens return home and must learn to rebuild their relationship with their parents, siblings and educators. Because each teen is different, residential treatment programs take advantage of the small group size to create individual plans of care and allow each teen effective one on one with therapists and counselors.

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