Behavior Modification Schools In Michigan

Behavior modification schools may be the best solution for a therapeutic intervention for Michigan troubled teens who are struggling with emotional, behavioral or mental health issues. Behavior modification schools are safe, supervised boarding schools where teens in Michigan can receive the therapeutic and academic help they need to overcome their issues. All parents want their teens to grow up happy and healthy, so when bad teen behavior threatens their future, many parents turn to behavior modification schools.

What is a Behavior Modification School?

Behavior modification schools have several different names, such as therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers. Most of these programs blend together elements like adventure therapy, individual and group therapy and academics to help troubled boys get back to a healthy, happy place.

Long-term behavior modification schools are much more successful than short-term programs like wilderness camps or behavior boot camps. Michigan teens will definitely benefit from leaving traditional schools and enrolling in these specialized programs.

What Kinds of Issues Do Behavior Modification Schools Treat?

Teens deal with many issues that can affect their behavior. Among the things teens face are:

  • 42% report experimenting with marijuana.
  • 30% of Michigan teens abuse alcohol and 13% binge drink.
  • Michigan is 33rd in the country for teen suicide.
  • Michigan also ranks 33rd in the country for teen pregnancy.
  • 12.8% of children between 4-17 are diagnosed with ADHD every year
  • Juvenile arrests in Michigan for 2018 include 1,067 for property crime, 225 for violent crime, 337 for drug abuse and 85 for weapons violations
  • Michigan has only a 79% state wide high school graduation rate.

Behavior modification schools strive to help troubled teen boys from Michigan deal with things like bipolar, ADD/ADHD, depression, aggression, oppositional defiant disorder, abuse trauma, anxiety and even substance abuse. Often, underlying issues cause the bad behavior because the teens are frustrated, scared, and in pain. With the right help, teens learn to control their feelings and behaviors, and work toward healing, so that their behaviors are more in line with what they want to be. These boarding schools for teens take them out of their current negative environment and give them a new start and a chance to change.

What Activities Will Troubled Teens Do?

At behavior modification schools, troubled teens learn to be a part of a community by doing chores and taking on responsibilities for their group. They also set and reach physical goals through recreation therapy, and boost self-confidence at the same time. Academics are a primary focus, with programs designed to help them catch up to and even pass their grade level. Of course, individual and group therapy takes place frequently and gives the troubled teen boys a chance to get to the root of their issues and start the healing process. Troubled teen boys from Michigan can turn their lives around by attending a quality behavior modification school.

No matter how their troubled teen sons are behaving, Michigan parents should know that there are behavioral modification schools that have experience and training on how to help teens heal from a number of issues. Thousands of troubled Michigan boys have already been helped, so parents should at least investigate the options for a brighter future.

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