Behavior Modification Schools In New Jersey (NJ)

Troubled teens in New Jersey may not have many mental health or behavioral health options that are sufficient for their needs. Behavior modification schools in New Jersey provide long-term, residential care for troubled teens who struggle with different problems. Whether it's emotional and behavioral issues, anxiety, abuse trauma, substance abuse, aggression, depression or something similar, behavior modification schools in New Jersey can help.

Among the issues that teens in New Jersey deal with today include:

  • New Jersey ranks 50th in the country for teen suicide
  • 39% of New Jersey teens admit to using marijuana
  • New Jersey has the 6th highest rate of fatal overdoses among teens in the U.S.
  • 5.5% of youth between the ages of 4-17 are diagnosed with ADHD every year.
  • In 2018, there were over 700 teen arrests for crimes such as aggravated assault, robbery and weapons violations.
  • New Jersey reported only an 81% graduation rate for the 2015-2016 school year.

There are several components in a behavioral modification school for troubled teens in New Jersey. Parents who are investigating different schools should check on these five aspects:

  1. The school should be staffed by qualified and experienced professionals with real experience in treating adolescents.
  2. There should be regular therapeutic sessions, both individual and group. Family therapy sessions should also be part of the program.
  3. Each behavioral modification school should have a strong academic component so that troubled teens are able to keep up with their grade level and prepare for life after high school, whether that's college or vocational school, or the workforce.
  4. Recreational therapy is another important aspect to helping teens heal. Whether it's hiking, fishing, mountain biking, skiing, music, sports, arts, drama, camping or something else, recreational therapy boosts self-esteem and helps teens gain new skills and an appreciation for life.
  5. The best programs have a detailed transition plan that helps teens go from being completely immersed in the school to rejoining the outside world again. A good transitional program helps teens launch into adulthood where they will be successful and happy.

Parents should definitely look for behavioral modification schools that are located in states that have high standards for teen help facilities. Not all states have enacted laws and rules on how such facilities should be run, leaving room for mismanagement and low performances. Parents should select a behavioral modification school that meets or exceeds the highest standards. New Jersey behavior modification schools are no exception and parents should definitely do research on every school they are considering.

Whether teens in New Jersey struggle with mental disorders, emotional issues or behavior challenges, a behavior modification school can really help them learn new coping skills, how to control their behaviors and define what their goals and dreams are. As teens better learn to overcome their struggles and challenges, the more successful they will be as adults.

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