Behavior Schools For Troubled Boys In California

Parenting a teenager can be tricky, exhausting and frustrating. When teens take adolescent behavior beyond normal boundaries, it can affect their healthy development. If your teen has been exhibiting behavioral issues and isn’t responding to any of your efforts to help him, it may be time to consider a more intensive solution. While behavior schools for troubled boys in California is a good place to begin your research, we want to encourage you to explore your many options throughout the country before you make a final decision. There are actually many advantages to placing your teen in an outside environment, including:

  • A chance for teens to truly assess themselves and make much needed changes in therapeutic surrounding that are far from the triggers and temptations they associate with home. It is easier to improve when presented with a clean slate and a fresh start.
  • Families can take supervised time apart as they recover from the seemingly endless cycles of power struggles and miscommunication. Qualified therapists guide each party toward addressing their individual issues and developing the skills they need for a healthier relationship.
  • Parents are able to get some respite from the toll of raising a troubled teen, while their son is safely supported and coached in surroundings designed to help him fix his life.


Liahona Academy Is Qualified To Help Troubled Teens

Liahona Academy, located in Utah, has been an effective destination for troubled teen boys for many years. Unlike the behavior schools for troubled boys in California, we have developed a therapeutically supportive environment that helps students learn and grow in the most effective way possible. Some of the benefits of our program are:

  • A behavior modification program that reaches each boy on a personal level through a system of rewards and consequences. Each teen learns to recognize and self-correct negative behavior with skills that will yield life-long benefits.
  • We provide an experiential “hands-on” therapy experience that caters to the way teen boys learn and develop. Along with the usual family, group and individual therapies, we also provide recreational activities and teamwork based exercises to help develop positive peer interaction while offering positive alternatives to bad behavior choices.
  • Each teen receives ample individual time with our counselors and therapists. This personalized attention allows us to create and maintain a plan of care that caters to each boy’s needs and goals. It also helps them develop positive, trusting relationships with authority figures.
  • We offer an exceptional academic program where teens are instructed by licensed teachers and tutors. Each boy is able to work at his own pace, and because we are fully accredited, he can transfer any credits he earns.
  • Each state has different rules and regulations governing their teen help programs. This means that the standards for health, safety and licensing vary widely. Utah currently has the most comprehensive laws in the nation and is a popular choice for concerned parents seeking both quality and experience.


Liahona Academy Is Here To Help You

We understand that you want to see your son become the caring, self-confident young man you know he can be, and we share your goal. We are anxious to help your family find a lasting solution that works for you. Although the behavior schools for troubled boys in California might seem ideal because they are close by, we want to remind you that factors like safety and experience are more important than location.

For questions about our program or a free consultation, please contact us at Liahona Academy (800) 675-8101.

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