Behavior Schools For Troubled Boys In Florida

If your teen is showing serious issues with behavior, then you’re already familiar with the stress he can cause within his own surroundings, not to mention his emotional development. If nothing you have done seems to be helping your teen make positive changes, it may be time to consider more intensive help. In such situations, many parents look into behavior schools for troubled boys in Florida; however, we want to encourage you to explore the many options available to you throughout the country. In fact, many teens thrive more when they are placed in a program away from home. Reasons for this include:

  • Teens are able to get away from the stress, temptations, and triggers they deal with in their home environment and work on targeting and dealing with the changes they need to make in order to turn their lives around. Each boy has the opportunity to build better habits from a fresh start.
  • Parents and teens can get some healthy distance from each other as they focus on their individual issues and communication skills. Guided by experienced therapists, parents and teens get the most out of the time apart and lay a stronger foundation for an improved relationship.
  • Teens are safely monitored and coached in a supportive therapeutic environment while their parents get some much needed respite from the constant stress and worry.

Liahona Academy Is The Best Choice For Troubled Teen Boys

There are many reasons why Liahona Academy can be a better option than behavior schools for troubled boys in Florida. Over the last 15 years, we have developed the most effective environment for teens dealing with issues like defiance, depression, self-harm, substance abuse and mental disorders. Some of the factors that make us unique are:

  • A time-tested behavior modification therapy program that helps teens learn to identify their negative or self-destructive behavior and correct it through positive reinforcement and consequences. Each boy will develop valuable skills that will help him make better choices in the future.
  • The therapy experience we provide is experiential or “hands-on” and incorporates multiple experiences that cater to the way teen boys learn and grow. In addition to the regular therapy options like individual, family, and group therapy we also offer many recreational activities that encourage teens to gain healthy self-esteem and allows them to practice teamwork and positive peer interaction.
  • Each student receives daily individual attention from our experienced counselors and therapists. This one-on-one care allows our staff to create and maintain an individual plan of care for each boy that is personalized for his needs and goals.
  • Our academic program is accredited and overseen by experienced and licensed instructors and tutors. They work individually with each boy in order to help him meet his educational goals at his own pace.
  • The laws and regulations regulating the teen help industry vary depending on the state. Because of this, many parents must look a little further for a program that fits the needs of their son and gives them peace of mind. Utah currently has the most comprehensive laws in the country and the programs here are highly sought after by conscientious parents.

Liahona Academy Will Help You

We understand that your goal is to pick the facility that will give your son the greatest opportunity for success and we can help you with this decision. We believe that every young man is capable of turning his life around. While the behavior schools for troubled boys in Florida are ideal in terms of location, we encourage you to place your highest priorities on safety, experience and support.

To learn more about the program or if you would like a free consultation, contact us at (800) 675-8101.

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