Behavior Schools For Troubled Boys In Georgia

The adolescent years can be one of the most frustrating and painful times for a parent. When severe behavioral issues are involved, parents can be left not knowing where to turn. In such cases, full time solutions are a valuable option. There are many programs throughout the country, including the behavior schools for troubled boys in Georgia. However, do not feel limited to only the programs close to you. There may be some a little further from home that would be a better fit. Actually, there are many benefits to placing your teen in an outside environment. Some of the reasons for this are:

  • An opportunity to develop and change in a new and challenging environment, free from the temptations and triggers they associate with home and their current peer group. Teens are able to start from the ground up with a clean slate.
  • Parents and teens are able to take some time away from each other and the constant power struggles. Qualified therapists help both sides get the most out of the distance by helping them focus on their individual challenges and communication skills.
  • Teens are safely looked after and supported by caring staff in surroundings that are designed to help him gain the skills he needs for better life decisions. While they are away, their parents are able to get some much needed respite from stress and worry.


Liahona Academy Is The Best Choice For Troubled Teen Boys

These are just a few of the reasons why Liahona Academy is a more ideal destination than the behavior schools for troubled boys in Georgia. We have spent 15 years creating a program that is the most effective way to help teens dealing with behavioral issues make positive changes. Some of the ways we are unique include:

  • A specially developed behavior modification therapy program that encourages teens to identify and target their challenges through a consistent system of positive reinforcement and negative consequences.
  • An experiential or “hands-on” therapy experience that incorporates a wide variety of activities designed to engage troubled teens and caters to the way they learn and develop. In addition to more typical therapy solutions like group, individual and family therapies, we also provide our students with regular recreational activities that help them gain self-esteem and practice positive interaction with peers and authority figures.
  • Each teen gets daily individual attention from our experienced therapists and counselors. We feel that this extra care helps them identify their core issues and it allows our staff to personalize each teen’s plan of care.
  • We offer and exceptional academic program that is developed and overseen by licensed instructors. Each boy receives individual tutoring in order to help him move forward with his educational goals at a pace that works for his learning style.
  • The teen help industry has different laws and restrictions, depending on location. Many parents throughout the country have to look a little further afield for the most high quality programs. Utah has the strictest and comprehensive laws in the nation, making it a popular location for troubled teens.


Liahona Academy Is Here To Help You

We know that you want to choose a facility that is a good fit for your son and that also gives you peace of mind. We are here to answer your questions and help guide you toward the best solution for your family. While you might feel more comfortable with the behavior schools for troubled boys in Georgia because they are close to home, we urge you to keep in mind that factors like safety and experience are more likely to ensure a successful experience for your troubled teen boy.

For more information about our program or a free consultation about your son, contact us at (800) 675-8101.

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