Behavior Schools For Troubled Boys In Illinois

If your teen has been struggling with behavioral issues, you have probably tried everything you can think of to help him turn his life around. When teens don’t respond to outpatient efforts, it is time to consider a more intensive solution. Full time programs such as behavior schools for troubled boys in New York are a good place to begin looking, but you are not limited to facilities nearby. There are many options throughout the country that might be a better fit in terms of safety and curriculum. Many teens actually thrive more when they are placed a little further from home. Some of the reasons for this are:

  • A chance for teens to leave behind the burden of old triggers and temptations as they immerse themselves in a therapeutic environment. Each boy is able to build from the ground up, if needed, with a clean slate.
  • Teens and their parents can get some time away from each other and the negative power struggles that define the current relationship. Experienced and qualified therapists help each party get the most out of the distance by helping them work on personal issues and communication skills.
  • Parents are able to get some respite from the worry and stress that comes with raising a troubled teen. While they recover, their son is supported and guided by caring professionals in a program designed to help him improve his life.


Liahona Academy Is The Best Choice For Your Troubled Son

Liahona Academy has long been a more effective destination than behavior schools for troubled teens in New York. We have almost 15 years of experience creating an ideal environment for teen struggling with issues like defiance, depression, self-harm, substance abuse and mental disorders. Some of the things that make us unique include:

  • A behavior modification therapy program that encourages teens to identify their issues and learn to self-correct them through the consistent use of positive reinforcement and negative consequences. Each boy gains the tools he needs in order to make better choices.
  • Our “hands-on” experiential therapy experience caters to the ways that teen boys learn, through a variety of activities. In addition to group, individual and family therapy, we also offer a wide range of recreational activities that help promote teamwork and allow students to practice positive peer interaction.
  • Each teen received consistent one-on-one time with our therapists and counselors in order to craft an individual plan of care that is personalized for his needs and goals. Additionally, this level of attention allows teens to develop trusting and healthy relationships with authority figures.
  • We also offer a fully accredited academic program. Our licensed instructors are dedicated to helping each student fulfill his educational goals at a pace that works for him.
  • The teen help industry is governed differently in each state and parents often choose to send their troubled sons a little further away to get them the best help. Utah is a particularly popular state because it has the strictest and most comprehensive laws in the country regarding safety, health and accreditation.


Liahona Academy Can Help You Make The Best Choice

We understand that you are frustrated and exhausted and the idea of sending your son away from home is intimidating. When you find the right program, it can also be life changing for you and for him. We are here to answer your questions and help you feel confident in the choice you make. Although the behavior schools for troubled boys in New York will keep your son close to home, we encourage you to place a higher priority on factors like experience, safety and accreditation. We believe that every troubled boy has the potential to turn his life around when he is in a facility that is a good match for him.

For more information about our program or a free consultation about your son, contact us at (800) 675-8101.

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