Behavior Schools For Troubled Boys In New York

If you have a teen with severe behavioral issues, you may be feeling frustrated and exhausted. When troubled teens fail to respond to any of their parent’s efforts to help them improve, it is time to consider full time care. While the behavior schools for troubled boys in New York are a good place to begin your research, we want to encourage you not to limit yourself to the programs close to home. There are many facilities throughout the country that might actually be a better fit for your troubled son. Many teens actually thrive more when they are placed in an environment a little further away. Some of the reasons for this include:

  • The opportunity for teens to immerse themselves in new and different surroundings, while they focus on positive changes. Each teen is able to leave the triggers and temptations they are used to behind them as they start over with a clean slate.
  • Parents and teens can take some time away from each other and the endless cycle of power struggles and negative communication. With the guidance of experienced therapists, each party is able to get the time they need to focus on individual changes and the skills they need for a healthier relationship.
  • Teens are safely supported and monitored in an environment dedicated to helping them gain the tools they need for an improved life, while their parents get some much needed respite from the constant worry and stress.


Liahona Academy Can Help Your Troubled Teen Boy

Liahona Academy is the best option for your struggling teen. Unlike the behavior schools for troubled boys in New York, we have spent nearly 15 years developing an environment that heals and supports in the most effective way. A few of the factors that set us apart are:

  • A proven behavior modification therapy program that uses positive reinforcement and negative consequences in order to help teens learn how to identify their bad behavior and self-correct with a healthy alternative. The skills your teen will learn through our program will help him his entire life.
  • We offer a hands-on experiential therapy experience that caters to the unique way that teen boys learn and develop. Along with the usual therapy options like individual, family and group therapies, we also provide our students with a wide range of recreational activities and team building exercises that help them develop self-esteem and practice positive peer interaction.
  • We provide each boy with an individual plan of care that caters to his specific needs and goals. This is followed up by daily one-on-one interaction from counselors and therapists so they can make adjustments as he works his way through the program.
  • Our academic program is fully accredited and run by experienced instructors and tutors. Each boy is individually coached as he works on his educational goals at a pace that works for him.
  • The laws and regulations regulating the teen help industry vary from state to state, leading many parents to look a little further afield for a program that fits their family’s needs. Utah has the safest and most comprehensive laws in the country, making it a popular option for parents everywhere.


Liahona Academy Is Here To Help You

We know that selecting the facility that will give your son the best chance for success can be intimidating and the idea of sending him far away is painful. While the behavior schools for troubled boys in New York would keep him closer to home, they may not be the best match for his needs. We are here to answer your questions and we are anxious to help you find the healthiest solution for your family.

For more information about our program or a free consultation about your son, contact us at (800) 675-8101.

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