Behavior Schools For Troubled Boys In Pennsylvania

Dealing with a teenager can be difficult even in the best of times, but when you put severe behavioral issues into the mix it is even more challenging. If you have made efforts to help your troubled teen turn his life around and you haven’t seen results, it may be time to look for a more intensive solution. While you should start your research with the behavior schools for troubled boys in Pennsylvania, please remember that you are not limited to your own state. There are many programs throughout the country that might be a better fit and there are benefits to sending your son to an outside environment. Some of the reasons for this are:

  • Teens can get some distance from the triggers and temptations associated with home and work on making positive changes in new and challenging surroundings. Each boy gets a fresh start for a new beginning.
  • Parents and teens can take some time away from each other and the seemingly endless cycle of arguments and negative communication. With the guidance of experienced therapists, each party gets the most out of the separation by getting the time to work on their individual issues and communication skills.
  • Teens are expertly coached and monitored in a safe and supportive environment while their parents get some respite from the stress and worry that accompanies dealing with a troubled teen.


Liahona Academy Is The Best Solution For Troubled Teen Boys

Liahona Academy has been a better option than the behavior schools for troubled boys in Pennsylvania for almost 15 years. We have developed a supportive environment that is ideal for boys dealing with behavioral issues. Some of the factors that make us stand out are:


  • A specially developed behavior modification therapy program that helps teens learn how to identify and self-correct their bad behavior through positive reinforcement and consequences. Each boy is taught valuable skills that will help him make better decisions for a lifetime.
  • Our experiential or “hands-on” therapy curriculum incorporates a variety of experiences and activities that engage each boy and caters to the way they learn and develop. Along with the usual therapy options, such as individual, group and family, we also offer regular recreational activities that encourage self-esteem and positive peer interaction.
  • We believe that one-on-one care is the key to helping each teen identify his core issues and target them in a healthy way. Because of this, our therapists and counselors give each boy regular, personal attention in order to create and maintain an individual plan of care that focuses on his needs and goals.
  • Our academic program is fully accredited and run by licensed and experienced instructors. Each student is able to work toward his educational goals at a pace that is conducive to his personal learning style.
  • The teen help industry laws and regulations vary from state to state, which leads many parents to look elsewhere if the facilities closest to them do not have high enough standards. Utah is currently the most popular destination for troubled teens because it has the most comprehensive safety, licensing and accreditation laws in the country.


Liahona Academy Can Help Your Teen Get Back On Track

We know that you want to pick the best option for your son and that the idea of sending him far away is intimidating. We are here to answer your questions and help you make a confident choice that works for your family. While the behavior schools for troubled boys in Pennsylvania are ideally located, we urge you to remember that factors like experience, safety and support are more likely to give your son a successful experience than location.

For more information about our program or a free consultation about your son, contact us at (800) 675-8101.

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