Behavior Schools For Troubled Boys In Texas

The adolescent years can be one of the most trying times for a parent. When teens add severe behavioral issues to the mix, it can seem impossible to tackle alone. If your teen has been acting out, you may have considered a full time therapeutic solution in order to give him the intensive help you can’t provide at home. While behavior schools for troubled boys in Texas is a good place to begin researching your options, we want to encourage you to also consider solutions that are a little further from home. There are actually many benefits to placing your teen in an out of state school, including:

  • An opportunity for teens to get away from the triggers and temptations they associate with their home environment and work on making positive changes with an entirely clean slate.
  • Parents and teens can get some distance from each other and the daily cycle of power struggles and fights. Each side is able to focus on their individual issues and gain the tools they need to improve their relationship with the help of experienced therapists.
  • Teens are coached and guided by caring and supportive counselors and therapists while their parents get some much needed respite.


Liahona Academy Is Uniquely Qualified To Help Troubled Teen Boys

Liahona Academy, located in Utah, has been a more effective destination than the behavior schools for troubled boys in Texas for almost 15 years. We have developed a program that caters to each boy’s needs in an environment that is ideal for healing and change. Some of the unique benefits of our program include:

  • A specially designed behavior modification program that helps boys learn to self-correct their actions through a system of consistent reinforcement and consequences. Each teen works on life skills that will help him make better decisions in the long term.
  • Our experiential “hands-on” therapy experience caters particularly to the ways that teen boys develop and learn effectively. Our curriculum includes the usual family, group and individual therapies as well as recreational activities and teamwork based exercises. Each boy practices positive peer interaction while learning positive alternatives to bad behavior choices.
  • Each teen is provided with daily individual attention from trained counselors and therapists in order to personalize and maintain a plan of care that addresses his needs and goals. We believe that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to healing and each teen must have a plan that works for him.
  • We have a fully accredited academic program that is run by licensed instructors. Each boy is consistently guided toward his educational goals at a pace that fits his learning style.
  • Utah has the best and most comprehensive laws in the nation overseeing teen help programs. Parents throughout the country are eager to place their troubled teens in the safe, licensed and accredited facilities in this state.


Liahona Academy Is Here To Help You

We share your goal to help your son discover his best self and turn his life around. We have helped thousands of families find the best solution and believe each troubled teen boy is capable of greatness. While the behavior schools for troubled teens in Texas are close to home, we urge you to place a higher priority on factors like experience, safety and a therapy program that is a good match for your son’s needs.

For questions about our program or a free consultation, please contact us at Liahona Academy (800) 675-8101.

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