Parents! Are Your Teenagers Misbehaving This Summer Break?

Summertime should be a fun time for vacations and outside activities. While this should be an ideal time for teenagers to kick back and relax, some teens use their free time to get into trouble. Because they have less supervision and structure in the summer, teens are more likely to experiment with drugs, alcohol, sex, […]

What to Expect As Your Child Enters Their Teen Years

Teenage years are tumultuous for both teens and their parents. While some teens have a few minor problems during adolescence, others really struggle with personal and social issues. There are some behaviors you can expect to see in all teens, but parents need to watch for signs that the behavior has become a serious issue. […]

How To Handle Your Teen Misbehaving At School

If you are having behavioral problems with your child at home, it will come as no surprise when your child also gets in trouble at school. But what about a child, or teen, who is well-behaved at home, but starts to misbehave in the classroom? When your child’s school calls to report a problem, there […]

How a Lockdown Is Limiting Your Teen’s Self-Identity, And How To Address It

During the coronavirus shutdown, many families in different countries, states, and cities have been forced to self-isolate and become homebound. This shutdown has included parents working from home, kids completing online schooling, and many local businesses, restaurants, and more. While this has affected many people, unfortunately, the impact it can have on teenagers may be […]

How You And Your Teenager Can Support Good Mental Health During Coronavirus

The coronavirus has upended people’s lives across the globe. Teenagers in particular are vulnerable to the changes that have occurred due to the coronavirus, as they are already trying to manage their own changing realities. Combine that with the online learning that most teens now are engaged in with their loss of in-person connection with […]

9 Ways Keep Your Teenager Productive During a Quarantine

No one expected the severity of the novel coronavirus, also called COVID-19. However, with schools shutting down and Stay At Home or Shelter In Place orders affecting various areas in America, parents are suddenly stuck in the same house as their bored teenagers. After a few days, parents may wish their teens attended boarding school. […]

Understanding Teenage Video Game Addiction

While a liking for video games isn’t an immediate red flag, many of the troubled teenage boys who attend Liahona Treatment Center were avid video game players. And some teens take their passion for video games to a darker, more addictive place. Now, even calling video games addictive can be controversial. Some people and organizations […]

With Schools Closing, Will My Teen Graduate On Time?

All across America, public schools have shut their doors and moved everything online to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). While most kids initially were thrilled to do their schooling online and in pajamas, not only has the shine rubbed off for many of them as school work is harder without a […]

How Music Can Affect Teenage Behavior

Most people wouldn’t try to dispute the power of music. We like to listen to upbeat music to workout or pump ourselves up or sad songs when we’re feeling down. But, beyond these surface-level emotional influences, music can have a far greater impact, particularly on teenagers. And it makes sense when you think about it—troubled […]

5 Things to Do When Your Teenage Son’s Behavior Becomes Out-of-Hand

The teenage years are when children start to flex their independence and figure out who they are outside of their families. Unfortunately, this process often brings teens into conflict with their parents and guardians, though in many cases, this conflict can be resolved with some work to help teenagers grow safely. However, not all teens […]