What to Do When Your Teen Son is a Compulsive Liar

When you discover your son is lying to you, it can raise your hackles and alarm. You may feel a sense of betrayal, followed by a surge of worry. What else is he lying about? It’s hard to rest easy when you don’t trust your troubled teenage son. His lying can prompt you to worry […]

How To Decide On The Right Therapeutic Boarding School For Your Troubled Boy

Coming to the decision that you need to send your teenager to a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens can be tough. Unfortunately, the difficulty doesn’t end there. As there are many therapeutic boarding schools available for parents to consider, here are some tools to help you decide on the right program for your troubled […]

Diet and Exercise At A Boarding School For Troubled Boys

One of the main appeals of a boarding school for troubled teen boys is the immersive therapeutic atmosphere. However, it is important for balance to be reached, so the best boarding schools for troubled teens tend to implement well-rounded diet and exercise plans into their programs. Boarding Schools For Troubled Boys Focus On Healthy Nutrition […]

Finding Independence At A School For Troubled Teens

An aspect of a school for troubled teens which surprises some parents is how the program works to help teens find independence. But as teens struggle with depression, substance abuse, or other issues, it makes sense to help teens learn how to become independent and overcome these life roadblocks. Importance Of Independence For Teens While […]

Helping Suicidal Teens At A Residential Treatment Center

As our society works to destigmatize mental health, discussions about suicide are still hard to have with our loved ones, especially when it comes to talking about it with an already depressed teen, as many parents are afraid that talking about it will put the idea in their heads. Yet, according to the Centers for […]

Signs and Causes Of Sexual Deviance In Youth

A certain amount of curiosity and interest in sex is to be expected from teenagers. With all the hormones coursing through their bodies and their brains still developing, it is not surprising that some troubled teens go astray and fall into deviant sexual activity, no matter what your family rules dictate. What Drives Teens To […]

Two Troubled Teens Who Managed To Turn Their Lives Around

When parents are in the midst of struggling with a troubled teenager, it can be hard to imagine that anything will change. Here at Liahona Treatment Center, we assist many troubled boys to grow into successful young men who managed to turn their lives around, and we wanted to share the stories of two of […]

Take Advantage of Distance When Sending Your Troubled Teen To Boarding School

For parents of troubled teens, it can hard to imagine what to do with your time once your troubled teen goes away to a school for troubled teens. If you wonder if you will be at loose ends and don’t know what to do, we have some suggestions to help you effectively use the time […]

Insurance and Other Common Ways Parents Finance A Boarding School for Troubled Teens

As boarding schools for troubled teens offer many excellent services and experienced staff to parents who have troubled teens, it can be costly to have a struggling teenager attend. However, you don’t have to be absurdly well-off to afford the best care for your child. To help you determine how your family can wrangle your […]

4 Reasons Why Youth Boot Camps Don’t Work To Modify Unwanted Behavior

Sending a rebellious teenager to a youth boot camp has a strong allure for frustrated parents everywhere. The military-style discipline promoted by these camps can make these parents believe that firm guidance is all their teens need to make the right choices. However, there are 4 main reasons why youth boot camps don’t work to […]