How to Approach Family Therapy With Your Teen

If your teen has been acting out, displaying uncharacteristic behavior that has taken a toll on everyone around them, it might be time to consider family therapy. How can you convince a reluctant and potentially angry teen to join the rest of the family in therapy, though? If your teen argues with you about even […]

What to do When Your Teen is In Crisis?

Parenting can feel like a never-ending cycle of new challenges waiting just around the corner. The teen years can bring with them a slew of challenges that can leave you feeling helpless, overwhelmed, and confused about your next step to help your teen. If your defiant teen is acting out in ways that seem to […]

How to Help Your Teen Understand Their Gender Identity

While there seems to be an increasing amount of coverage in the media about sexuality and gender identity, the truth is that these are not new topics for teens to find themselves struggling to navigate and understand. There is more awareness today, which is a positive thing for a teen grappling with identity. It’s also […]

A Parents Guide to ODD

Whether your child has recently been diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), or you suspect they have ODD, learning more about the disorder is beneficial for both you and your child. ODD can cause disruptive behavior and can have far-reaching consequences for everyone in the family. What is oppositional defiant disorder? ODD is a behavior […]

Parenting Tips: How to Deal With RAD in a Foster Child

Reactive attachment disorder (RAD) is a serious condition seen in infants and young children who cannot establish a healthy attachment with a caregiver or parent. RAD can develop if the child does not get his basic needs for affection, comfort, and a nurturing environment. He is unable to develop a caring and stable attachment with […]

What to do When Video Games Become an Addiction

It seems like videos games and teens were made for one another. Teens can often be found spending hours each day playing a range of games that they enjoy. While there is sometimes an important social aspect to playing video games with friends near and far, parents must be aware of some serious concerns. Casual […]

5 Tips to Help Kids With Panic Attacks at School

If you’ve ever struggled with a panic attack, you know how it can make you feel both during and after. As a parent, it can be heartbreaking to imagine your teen going through anxiety and panic attacks. What triggers your panic attack may not be the same things that are triggering your teen. This can […]

Sibling Violence – How to Handle Teens Hurting Their Siblings

It is rare that a set of siblings never squabbles or occasionally roughhouses together. There is, however, a line between what is expected and healthy conflict between siblings and what has crossed over into deliberately hurting and abusing siblings. Parents must be able to tell the difference between regular sibling rivalry and outright abuse. Recognizing […]

Stop Teaching and Judging Your Teen

Parenting a teen can bring a new set of challenges that you didn’t need to think about during the toddler and elementary school years. It is easy to fall into the trap of criticizing your teen for every decision he makes and action he takes. This is particularly true if his decisions and actions are […]

Why Do Teens Start Using Drugs?

The teen years can be filled with impulsive decisions and irrational choices. It can also be a time of simply living for today, without any thoughts of the consequences that may come from those decisions and choices. This is often one of the factors that can lead many teens to start to experiment with drugs. […]