Boarding Schools for Troubled Children

Parents of troubled children seek a way to help their kids overcome the problems and issues that are bothering them, and one type of program that can help them is boarding schools. Choosing the right program of recovery for your child is an extremely important and delicate matter, as the decision will affect your son both now and in his future. Liahona Academy is a residential treatment program that offers your family help in the road to recovery. For more information please call today at 855-587-1416, or continue reading.

Boarding schools focus on academics in the lives of troubled children at a facility away from home. Similar to a boarding school but more extensive with additional services for your son, Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center. In addition to academics, troubled boys attending this program will also receive therapy so that they may work through the problems and issues they are facing.

Liahona Academy, A Treatment Program for Troubled Children

Liahona Academy is a residential treatment program similar to boarding schools, yet they offer more so that they can help your son on a personal, daily basis. Through traditional therapy, such as individual and group meetings, therapists work with troubled boys to find the root of their problems and issues and work through them and develop tools and skills needed to move on in a healthy manner.

Along with traditional therapy, experiential therapy is also offered. This style of therapy utilizes recreational activities as an outlet and means to heal. Teenage boys need to be involved in physical activities daily. Liahona Academy recognizes a teen boys need for activity and movement and encourage recovery through recreation in addition to academic work and therapy.

Like a boarding school, Liahona Academy focuses on academics as well as therapy. Our professional staff will be able to assist your son in our unsurpassed academics program. This program focuses on credit recovery and grade repair with a college bound curriculum. Education is an extremely important part of recovery. Through Liahona Academy troubled children are able to continue their school careers to the best of their abilities.

Liahona Academy Offers Help to Troubled Children

We are confident that Liahona Academy will be able to provide your son with the help that he needs to understand what is going on in his life and help him overcome his problems. Through the counseling services offered at this residential treatment facility, your son will become a confident, disciplined, happy young man. The road to recovery starts with a phone call; call today to help your son begin his. Start the journey today by calling Liahona Academy at 855-587-1416.

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