Boarding Schools For Troubled Teens

Sometimes it takes time at a therapeutic boarding school to get troubled teens the time, space and counseling they need to overcome their bad behavior and chart a new course toward adulthood. Parents who watch their troubled teens make bad decisions over and over again can get worried and frustrated.

When there is nowhere else to turn, many parents rely on the long-term residential care and treatment found in a therapeutic boarding school. Boarding schools for troubled teens can be the best thing out there to get kids back on the pathway to healing and achievement.

What is a Boarding School for Troubled Teens?

After too many months of bad behavior, a teen is surrounded by negatives--frustrated teachers, bad friends, terrible habits, worried parents and more. A boarding school from troubled teens is a facility designed to get teens away from all those negative influences. It provides a safe, structured atmosphere where teens receive professional guidance and help in turning their lives around. As much as parents love their kids, there are some things that they cannot help with, like therapy.

Who Can Attend Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens?

Therapeutic boarding schools accept a range of teens with all kinds of behavioral, mental health or emotional issues. Most schools have experience in working with teens who struggle with ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety, ODD, abuse trauma, low self-esteem, substance abuse, adoption or abandonment issues, bipolar, and self-harm. More specialized conditions may require certain boarding schools with specific experience. The good news is that no matter what a teen is struggling with, there is just the right therapeutic boarding school that can help.

How Can Parents Find the Best Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens?

The best therapeutic boarding schools combine the academic, social and therapeutic into a successful program that helps teens stop bad behavior, get to the root of their problems and build healthy relationships. Good schools should also include recreational therapy, extracurricular activities and all types of therapy to get troubled teens back on track. Finding the best of the therapeutic boarding schools out there is often seen as an overwhelming task for parents, but one that is necessary if they want their teen to get professional help that lasts a lifetime.

5 Tips for Finding the Right Boarding School for Troubled Teens

Thousands of families across the country have benefitted from boarding schools for troubled teens. Here are 5 tips for finding the right boarding school:

  1. Make sure the school has licensed, experienced and highly trained staff members, faculty and therapists.
  2. Check that the academic program is accredited with a reputable organization and employs licensed teachers.
  3. Investigate the laws on teen help facilities in the state where the boarding school is located because some states are very strict while others are more lax.
  4. Use non-biased resources for information on boarding schools, like parent advice forums and non-profit groups to find testimonials and recommendations from parents and teens who have been through some of the programs.
  5. Ask the boarding school placement coordinator about a teen's particular issues and what kind of experience with it, as well as their success rate.

With a little research, parents of troubled teens can make the right choice of boarding school and take that first step towards helping their troubled teen heal.

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