Boarding Schools For Troubled Teens Help Reunite Broken Families


When a troubled teen disrupts the life of your family, he is not the only one suffering during the process. You, your partner, any other children and possibly other close family relatives are also caught in the cross-fire of his tirades, anger and tantrums. You cannot focus on your other children or give them the attention that they deserve. As a result, they might suffer from feelings of rejection as their wants and needs are put aside as you put all of your energy into caring for your struggling son. You likely have tried at least one of the following: group or individual counseling, substance abuse treatment, private school or an intervention. Sadly, none of these have worked. Since all other measures have failed, it’s time to send your child to a therapeutic boarding school where he can find the help that he desperately needs. At the same time, you can begin to reunite your broken family in order to prepare for him to rejoin the home once he finishes treatment.

Family Counseling at Boarding School

We recognize the interaction, which is usually negative, between a struggling teen and his family and have the background to offer hope to hurting families. We believe that healing your family is an integral part of the recovery process and offer resources and skills to help you rebuild your family. We will offer the support that you need during this challenging time and update you regularly on your son’s progress. As we work together, we can effectively impact your son to produce lasting changes. He will see that everyone is making a team effort together for his best interests so that he can heal while at boarding school. During this period, your family has a much needed break that can bring peace to your home as you regroup and tend to the needs of your other family members. The end result is often restoration of the whole family.

Replicating the Family Experience

One of the ways that we reunite your family is by replicating the family experience at our boarding school. Teens learn the importance and value of family from a fresh perspective, including the following:

• Honor and consideration of others

• Contributing to the needs of other “family” members

• Enhancing the family unit and

• Serving others.

They learn what it means to cooperate as a family unit with new family “members.” As issues come up, we can address them so that when your son has finished the program, no lingering problems remain. He can take the skills that he has learned at our program and put them into practice once he returns home.

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