Boarding Schools For Troubled Youth Offer Teens A Second Chance To Succeed


After you have exhausted all measures to help your struggling child, you might wonder what course of action you should take. When restrictions, yelling, threats, counseling and interventions don’t work, you might believe that all hope is gone. He might have run away, been kicked out of school, used drugs or be suicidal. However, do not fear as there are options to help your troubled teen. Other parents have found themselves in similar situations and used some of the following strategies to give their son a second chance to succeed.

How Georgia Intervened to Help Troubled Youth

The state of Georgia has found one way to give teens a second chance. According to their statistics, taxpayers put out almost $100 million annually on incarcerating teens in jail or placing them in juvenile detention centers. And that’s just in one state – multiply that by 51 for all of the other states and the District of Columbia, and you can see the financial drain that teen crime places on the criminal justice system across the nation.

To combat this problem, the Georgia National Guard lets teens between the ages of 16 and 18 attend their military boot camp. The 22-week program affords them the opportunity to stay out of the system and to hopefully turn their lives around. At the same time, they can work toward or complete their GED or finish high school.

As a strict military program, boot camp is an admittedly extreme measure for the most serious of offenders. In some cases, the courts must order participants to attend. What if your child is headed in that direction and needs help, but your situation is not serious enough to warrant boot camp? You still have other choices that might be appropriate for your son.

How Therapeutic Boarding School Can Help

Therapeutic boarding school offers a structured environment that might be just what your teen needs for a second chance at success. Your struggling teen has disrupted your home for years, and his troubles are affecting not only your family, but also his schooling. Here are some of the ways that a boarding school can offer your troubled teen a second chance for success:

1. Provides a new environment where he is away from his friends and possible negative influences.

2. Allows him the time to focus on his behavioral problems so that

3. Gives his parents, siblings and other close relatives a chance to regroup.

4. Gives him the opportunity to catch up on his grades and academics.

5. Introduces him to new friends from across the nation with similar goals toward recovery and improving behaviors.

6. Allows him to begin fresh when he comes home.

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