Boot Camp For Troubled Teens

Troubled teens tend to make their situations worse by their bad behavior, disregard for authority and overall apathy toward building a future for themselves. While parents, teachers and others may be doing everything they can to help, sometimes it is not enough and the troubled teen cannot be motivated to start making changes. Even weekly therapy sessions with a counselor may not be impactful enough to convince a teen to focus on the future.

Boot camps for troubled teens may be the answer families seek in getting their troubled teen to start fresh. Instead of concentrating on all the things the teen is doing wrong, skilled counselors focus on what the teen can do and work on building up their strengths and refocusing their attention on other things besides all those distracting influences currently in the teen's life.

Here are 5 reasons for parents to check out boot camps for troubled teens:

  1. A clean break. When the teen is surrounded by negative influences, like angry teachers, bad friends and frustrated parents, often it's a good idea for them to get a change of scenery and be surrounded by people who are trained to help correct bad behavior.
  2. Structured. Troubled teens need structure and constant supervision to ensure that they are doing what they need to, getting to where they need to be and working on setting and keeping goals.
  3. Transitional. Often, troubled teens need to be enrolled in residential programs for a school year or longer. A boot camp can provide that transition a troubled teen needs to get away from home and bad friends, but before starting into a therapeutic boarding school or residential treatment center.
  4. Safe. Troubled teens often participate in reckless, dangerous and sometimes illegal behavior. At boot camps for troubled youth, the tens are supervised carefully and kept away from bad influences. Sometimes, boot camps are held in remote areas or on working ranches where distractions are at a minimum. If the teen is threatening or harming others, it keeps friends and family members safe as well.
  5. Therapeutic. Teens at boot camps receive group and individual therapy from licensed professionals and can get a head start on dealing with their underlying issues that are causing the bad behavior.

No matter what kind of problem a troubled teen has, a boot camp can be a fine place for them to get started on healing and therapy. It's the first step in making progress in transitioning from adolescence to adulthood in a happy and healthy way.

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