Boot Camps in Arkansas for Troubled Teens

Making the decision to place your child in a full time therapeutic program can be difficult and selecting the best option can be intimidating. As parents research boot camps in Arkansas, they often limit themselves to programs within the boundaries of the state for the convenience of location. However, we have found that the novelty of an outside environment is often more helpful for teens in need of healing for several reasons:

·         Introducing new and challenging surroundings offers teens the opportunity to make a new start away from old triggers such as damaging social relationships and negative habits and associations.  

·        Teens and parent(s) have an opportunity to take a step back deal with their own individual challenges. Distance can be helpful when reestablishing important relationships and it can be almost impossible to achieve when both parties are living in the same household.  

·         Rehabilitation programs such as a boot camp in Arkansas can offer respite for parents while giving their son a positive experience and an opportunity to make permanent changes in a healthy and therapeutic environment.

These are just some of the many reasons parents throughout the United States have chosen Liahona Academy to help their troubled sons. Located in beautiful southern Utah since 2000, Liahona Academy has maintained the highest standards and the most caring and experienced staff in order to give each boy the best opportunity for success. At Liahona Academy, your son can learn to overcome daily challenges, while gaining the tools he needs to avoid future negative situations.

Below is a quick video that will show you how Liahona Academy can help your family more than any program in Arkansas. We know that what you are going through is challenging and we want you to know that we are here to help.

As you have seen, Liahona Academy is uniquely qualified and dedicated to helping troubled boys reclaim their lives and access their highest potential. Call us today at (800) 675-8101 for a free consultation to discuss the needs of your son as well as enrollment options. We have helped thousands of parents searching for boot camps in Arkansas find the best full time therapeutic option for their son. We can help you today, no matter where you are located.   

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