Boot Camps in Georgia for Troubled Teens

It’s all too common for Georgia teenagers to behave in ways that their parents wish they wouldn’t. However, when teen boys are definitely not finding success in school or in the community, it may be time for parents to take a strong stand and find professional help. Many Georgia parents grab onto the first teen help program they find, usually boot camps or military programs. However, there are better alternatives out there than boot camps in Georgia for troubled teens.

Parents of Georgia teens that are interested in long-term behavior solutions for boys should contact Liahona Treatment Center at 1-855-587-1416.

Liahona Academy Will Rehabilitate Teens Behavior

Georgia teenagers can struggle tremendously in trying to succeed in school when they have mental health problems or emotional problems that are interfering. Parents and teachers can feel frustrated and at the end of their rope. Liahona Treatment Center can step in and help when all other options are exhausted. By providing a secure and safe place for teenagers, the first steps toward healing can begin. There are plenty of reasons why teenagers have a better chance of learning how to handle the challenges of adulthood by trained professionals when at a therapeutic boarding school.

Liahona Treatment Center provides a comprehensive program that includes academics, therapy, life skills, self-improvement, and much more. Parents will be amazed at the success rate that Liahona Treatment Center has when it comes to recovery and rehabilitation. Because Liahona Treatment Center is subject to many strict laws and regulations that the state it is in has enacted, the resident boarding school maintains some of the highest operational standards in the country. Georgia parents are often very relieved to hear about that because they know their precious children are in good hands.

Georgia Statistics on Troubled Teen Boys

Because parents know how serious it is when teens misbehave and engage in risky activities, they often overreact or embrace the first solution they come across that promises to “fix” their teen. However, that is almost as bad as not doing anything at all.

There are way too many Georgia teens that are jeopardizing their future with their bad behavior, as these numbers show:

  • A 2018 report showed that Georgia teens use illicit drugs at least once per month and approximately 70,000 admitted to using illegal drugs within the past year.
  • On average, approximately 40% of teen boys in the United States have used marijuana.
  • 20% of male teenagers reported drinking alcohol before turning 13 years old
  • Only 78% of teens in GA graduate high school.
  • Juvenile crime: There were over 900 juvenile arrests for crimes such as larceny, drug abuse and aggravated assault.
  • Georgia ranks 39th in the country for suicide.

Boot camps in Georgia for troubled teens are not the right choice, and parents need to do some research to find programs that will help kids with their behaviors. Risky activities can cause harm to the teen and to others, not to mention that it can really affect their short-term and long-term future. Georgia parents simply must take action as soon as they see their teenager making bad choices.

Residential Schools Surpass Boot Camps in Georgia for Troubled Teens

Therapeutic residential schools and boarding treatment centers are superior to boot camps and military schools when it comes to long-term rehabilitation for teenagers who struggle with mental illness and emotional trauma. While boot camps work hard to change teen behavior from the outside via pressure and punishment, resident schools promote change from within.

Boot camps don’t have the same structure or focus that other programs have, making them difficult places for teenagers in trouble. Unlike therapeutic boarding schools, boot camps don’t have the level proven results in turning teens from negative to positive. Georgia parents who have done all they can to turn their child’s life around will be helped tremendously by those who know what they are doing at a therapeutic boarding school.

Here are just a few of the advantages that a resident treatment school provides:

  • Quality therapy sessions: Teens work with qualified therapists to discuss their issues and really get to the bottom of the bad behavior. Understanding what is triggering certain actions goes a long way toward helping them heal.
  • Same-sex enrollment: Resident treatment schools that are all boys or all girls clear the way for teens to focus on the important parts of healing rather than face distractions from social hierarchies and more complex social relations. An all-boys resident boarding school helps teens focus on what’s important for progression and rehabilitation.
  • Academic progress: It doesn’t do any good to take a teen out of school for rehab because education is a key part of becoming successful in life. There is a big difference between getting a diploma and entering adulthood without one, so a good program will offer accredited academics to teens.
  • Self-improvement: When the teenagers get more self-esteem in all areas of life, from life skills to recreation to critical thinking, they get something that can’t be learned from books. A therapy boarding school helps teenagers become self-sufficient and skilled in taking care of their own needs and the needs of others.

Georgia parents must do what they can to find the finest program for treating their teenage sons. The program should have qualified staff members, accredited academics, structured schedules and outstanding recreation activities to make a well-rounded school. Of course, boot camps may have some of these features, but only therapeutic boarding schools will have all of this and more. It’s no surprise that Georgia teenagers and others from across the country fare better at a place like Liahona Treatment Center than they do at boot camps.

Why Liahona Treatment Center Tops Boot Camps in Georgia for Troubled Teens

Every parent wants to do their best to find the program that promises the best chance for their teenage boy. Unfortunately, boot camps may make big promises but simply can’t accomplish the goals for many reasons. Resident boarding schools like Liahona Treatment Center are the best place for whole healing and rehabilitation of risky behavior. Every parent wants their teenagers to grow into caring, healthy adults, and spending time at Liahona Treatment Center can accomplish that. They will find more success here than in many other teen help facilities.

Parents of troubled teens in Georgia will certainly get all their questions answered when they call 1-855-587-1416.

Georgia Cities With Teens Who Should Consider Liahona Treatment Center:

Atlanta, Savannah, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Columbus, Augusta, Albany, Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Marietta, Athens, Warner Robins, Smyrna, Dunwoody, Rome, Peachtree City and East Point.

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