Boot Camps in Kentucky for Troubled Teens

Although the decision to send your troubled teen to a full time residential facility can be difficult, it can be a very effective way to help your child. While safety and accreditation are key concerns, you also want to select one that matches the unique needs of your son. Many parents confine themselves to only researching boot camps in Kentucky, however, we have found that more teens show greater improvement in programs a little further from home. Some of the reasons for this include :

·         An opportunity to start over in a brand new environment without old triggers and negative associations. Each teen can practice positive life changes with a clean slate.

·        Parent(s) and teens are able to take a step away from each other in a healthy and regulated way. Temporary distance can be helpful when families need to lay new groundwork for better communication, however, it can be nearly impossible to achieve while living in the same home and at the mercy of negative routines and habits.

·         Rehabilitation programs offer a valuable emotional respite for parents, while their teen gets the assistance he needs in a safe and therapeutic environment devoted to helping him become happier and healthier.  

For almost 15 years, parents have turned to Liahona Academy to help their teens instead of a boot camp in Kentucky. Located in southern Utah, Liahona Academy is on the doorstep of some of the most sought after wilderness in the United States. Liahona Academy’s program combines therapy, academics and healthy outdoor activities in order to create a balanced routine. Each boy works individually with trained counselors and therapists to craft a plan that will most effectively help him overcome his challenges and gain the skills he needs to avoid future negative situations.

Please watch this short video detailing the ways in which the program at Liahona Academy is uniquely qualified to help boys with every kind of challenge. We know that you are feeling emotional and intimidated and we are committed to helping you navigate this difficult time.

As you can see, Liahona Academy is devoted to helping your son find his potential and get his life back on track. Please, give us a call today at (800) 675-8101 for a free consultation to discuss the needs of your son and the ways in which our program might be a good fit. Since 2001, we have been advising parents in search of boot camps in Kentucky to seek a more effective option. No matter where you are located, we want to help you today.  

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