Boot Camps in Louisiana for Troubled Teens

Although the decision to send your son to a full term therapeutic facility is intimidating and emotional, it can also be the best thing to do for your troubled teen. While many parents assume that boot camps in Louisiana are their only option, we have found teens attending a program a little further from home show greater improvement for several reasons. Some of these include :

·         A unique environment that allows teens to start over with a clean slate in surroundings free of old triggers and influences.   

·        Temporary and healthy time apart in order for both parents and teens to focus on their individual challenges. While temporary distance can be very valuable when reestablishing the relationship, it is almost impossible to get while both parties reside in the same home and are at the mercy of negative routines and habits.  

·         Therapeutic programs offer emotional and physical respite for parents exhausted by the toll of helping a troubled teen. Families can rest easy knowing that their son is embraced in a positive environment devoted to helping him overcome his challenges and become happier and healthier.  

These are only a few of the reasons why parents have been selecting Liahona Academy rather than a boot camp in Louisiana for almost 15 years. Located in scenic southern Utah, Liahona Academy is ideally placed for the unique combination of therapy, academics and healthy play that has been so successful for thousands of boys. Highly trained therapists and counselors work individually with each teen in order to craft a plan of care that is unique to him and will give him the greatest chance for success.  

Please watch this brief video explaining how the program at Liahona Academy is more likely to help your son than those you may find in Louisiana. We understand that this process is new and daunting and our goal is to guide you through the process.

As you can see, Liahona Academy is dedicated to helping each boy discover his potential, no matter what his challenges are. Contact us at (800) 675-8101 for a free consultation to discuss your son’s needs and determine whether our program can benefit him. Since 2001, we have guided thousands of parents looking for boot camps in Louisiana toward a more effective therapeutic option. No matter where you are located, we want to help you today as well.

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