Choosing An All Boys Boarding School In Utah

It is difficult to parent a teen that is exhibiting severe behavioral issue and it is equally hard to make the decision to employ outside intervention in order to help him turn his life around. Full time programs, such as boarding schools and residential treatment centers are a helpful option for parents who don’t know where else to turn. The round the clock therapeutic environment allows teens to assess their strengths and weaknesses and make the changes they need, away from the distractions of negative social groups or their home environment. Once you have decided that full time care is the next step for your child, you must then determine which program is going to be safe, secure and effective.

What Should I Look For?

As you research different facilities and program types, you will quickly realize that there is a wide range of options in terms of safety regulations, accreditation and experience. It is important to know that the laws and requirements for teen help programs vary from state to state and while you may wish to keep your son as close to home as possible, a program in another state may actually be a safer and more effective option. Utah currently has the most teen help facilities in the nation because the strict and comprehensive laws governing them make it a popular choice for parents throughout the nation. In addition to the requirements for licensing and experience, the safety and health regulations in Utah facilities far exceed the standards in other states. Staff is pre-screened with background checks and the therapists, academic instructors and support staff are highly experienced and specifically trained to work with troubled teen boys.

What Is Great About Utah?

Utah has a diverse range of terrain and climates, making it ideal for the recreational and adventure therapy that plays a big part in the successful treatment of troubled teen boys. Activities such as hiking, swimming, camping, skiing and water sports help each teen identify and improve his strengths and overcome his weaknesses. They learn teamwork, communication and problem solving, while developing healthy bonds with peers and authority figures. When combined with an individualized curriculum of therapy and academics, each boy is able to practice healthy balance and target the issues that led to poor choices in the first place.

Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center located in southern Utah. We are dedicated to helping troubled teen boys turn their lives around and make the changes they need to handle day to day challenges and develop healthy relationships. For information about our program or a free consultation about your son, please contact us at 1-675-8101.

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