Choosing Between Co-Ed And Gender-Specific Schools For Troubled Teens

When looking for the right school for your troubled teens, it is important to carefully consider what kind of environment would best help your teenager flourish. One of the biggest environmental decision you will make for your troubled teen is if you will send them to a co-ed school for troubled teens or a gender-specific school. There are pros and cons attached to each decision, but you will need to weigh them against your own teen's needs to make the right decision for your teen.

Pros And Cons Of Co-Ed Schools For Troubled Teens

The majority of teenagers attend co-ed public schools. This can make it hard to see what makes co-ed schools for troubled teens any different than regular schools. But there are distinct pros and cons to attending a co-ed school for troubled teens that is not present at a regular public school.

The pros of a co-ed school for troubled teens:

  • Mirrors real-world environment - Your teen will likely have to deal with members of the opposite sex all their life. A co-ed school will keep them from pretending that this isn't the reality.
  • Can cooperate with one another - A co-ed school can foster a more cooperative environment, as the students may not feel the same level of competitiveness with their own gender.
  • Learn to develop healthy relationships - Any friendships which start at a school for troubled teens will be carefully monitored so that the students can develop a healthy friendship.

The cons of a co-ed school for troubled teens:

  • Potentially distracting - Instead of focusing on academics and therapy, troubled teens may try to distract themselves from their problems by trying to establish a relationship with a member of the opposite-sex at a co-ed school for troubled teens.
  • Can be difficult to be open - Group therapy is an important aspect of schools for troubled teens. Many teens find it difficult to be open about personal troubles when members of the opposite-sex are present.
  • Possibly exacerbate problems - If your troubled teen was already struggling with issues connected to the opposite-sex, then an environment with similarly struggling troubled teens of the opposite-sex can encourage the teen's issues to grow.

Pros And Cons Of Gender-Specific Schools For Troubled Teens

Same-sex private schools are far less common than co-ed schools. However, this does not mean that they do not have their own excellent merits.

The pros of a gender-specific school for troubled teens:

  • Gender-specific learning - It has been often stated that girls and boys have different learning styles. Often, public schooling is focused more on one type of learning modality. When in a gender-specific school, educators can employ gender-specific learning styles.
  • Re-learn appropriate behaviors - For troubled teens who have been acting inappropriately with the opposite-sex, attending a gender-specific school for troubled teens can help the teens learn what is appropriate when it comes to the opposite-sex without the temptation to act out.
  • Focused therapeutic approaches - While there are exceptions, for the most part, boys respond differently than girls to various therapeutic approaches. So, a gender-specific school for troubled teens can focus on a certain set of therapeutic strategies without spending time on ones which may be less effective.

The cons of a gender-specific school for troubled teens:

  • May take more time to transition back - After attending a gender-specific school, it can be hard for some teens to transition back into a regular public school.
  • Not as many gender-specific options - While schools for troubled teens have more gender-specific options than other schools, if you want to transition your child from a gender-specific school for troubled teens to another private, gender-specific school, you may not have many in-state options.

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