Dangers of Alcohol In Adolescents

Alcohol is the most commonly and frequently used drug among adolescents. Consistent drinking at a young age can result in many different behavioral issues and cause dangers for adolescents that can carry on into adulthood with them. As parents of growing adolescents it is important to become aware of the dangers of alcohol in adolescents and teach them to your children. Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center that works with adolescents struggling with alcohol use and abuse and can provide useful information to parents and teens about the dangers of alcohol. Dangers of Alcohol in AdolescentsCall us today at 1-855-587-1416 to discuss the dangers of alcohol in adolescents.

Dangerous of Effects of Alcohol in Adolescents

Major problems with alcohol are more likely to develop in individuals who begin drinking at younger ages.
Intoxication is often associated with suicide attempts that use more lethal methods.
Alcohol decreases the ability for teenagers to pay attention.
Adolescents tend to abuse alcohol with other substances.
Excessive amounts of drinking can lead to the use of other serious drugs such as cocaine and heroin.
Teens who use alcohol can develop emotional problems such as depression and anxiety.
Alcohol use can cause teens to engage in negative sexual activities.
Alcohol is involved in half of all violent deaths in teens. Thousands of teens die each year in car crashes where drinking was involved.

Parents can make a major impact on their teens that can help reduce the chance of alcohol abuse and therefore, avoid these dangerous effects in their child. Clear communication between parents and their adolescents about the negative effects of excessive alcohol use has been proven to decrease the chance of teens participating in the use of alcohol. Parents can also help by educating their adolescents about positive and healthy ways to manage or cope with stress and other difficult situations in their lives.

Liahona Academy Educates Parents and Adolescents About The Dangerous Effects of Alcohol

Liahona Academy is residential treatment center that has worked with troubled teens who struggle with alcohol or substance abuse. Because of our personal experiences dealing with this issue, we have helped to educate parents and their adolescents about the dangerous effects alcohol can have on adolescents. If you feel your adolescent may already be struggling with alcohol use and abuse, Liahona Academy can be the program to help in the recovery process for your teen. Our substance abuse treatment has helped many adolescents find control of their addiction and live a life without the need of alcohol or drugs. To find out more about the dangers of alcohol in adolescents and Liahona Academy, call 1-855-587-1416 today.

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