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Dealing Defiant TeenagersLiahona Treatment Center is a residential treatment center that helps families who are dealing with defiant teenagers. We provide a very effective approach to issues relating to defiant and violent teenage boys. Our therapeutic services offer hope and healing. Liahona Treatment Center also offers year round schooling with grade repair to encourage our students to further their education. Parents, if you are dealing with a defiant teenager, we want to help. Please call our Admissions Director at 855-587-1416 for further assistance.

It is very difficult to live with a defiant teenager who is abusive and obnoxious; it is so easy for parents to get frustrated. Arguing constantly and having to “walk on eggshells” is very exhausting as well. At times, no matter how much parents try talking, punishing, negotiating and pleading, they end up in the same situation. Most parents have a tough time knowing what to do.

A primary step in the right direction would be to get to the root cause behind the teenagers rebellion. No matter what your child may say, he does not want to deal with his behavioral issues all by himself. It is important for parents to make the distinctions between those battles that are worth fighting and those that need to be accepted. Parents should spend quality time giving attention because boys often act out when they feel they are being ignored and studies show that families that enjoy physical activities together are more successful at keeping their teenagers out of trouble. r.

At times, all teenagers behave badly. However, when dealing with behaviors like hostility, defiance, and refusal to comply affects the whole family, it demands a more serious intervention. When the right tools are used, defiant teenagers can be changed.

Parents, say goodbye to conflict, stress and arguing. Restore peace and sanity into your home by calling Liahona Treatment Center at 855-587-1416. We can help!

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