Diet and Exercise At A Boarding School For Troubled Boys

One of the main appeals of a boarding school for troubled teen boys is the immersive therapeutic atmosphere. However, it is important for balance to be reached, so the best boarding schools for troubled teens tend to implement well-rounded diet and exercise plans into their programs.

Boarding Schools For Troubled Boys Focus On Healthy Nutrition

How each boarding school for troubled teens develops a healthy diet plan will vary from school-to-school. At Liahona Treatment Center, we have implemented three main meals—breakfast, lunch, and dinner—with a snack between lunch and dinner to help tide the growing teen boys over.

As for the meals themselves, we provide our students with well-rounded meals that have a strong emphasis on whole, unprocessed foods. That way, our students can receive the correct amount of vitamins and minerals to support their physical, mental, and emotional health.

Also, to ensure that our students stay healthy and are receiving their necessary nutrition, we accommodate food sensitivities and allergies such as celiac disease, lactose-intolerant, nut allergies, and more. We also have a strong medical staff with a doctor and nurses to help any students who may need specialized meal plans to support their health.

Exercise Plays A Key Role At Boarding Schools For Troubled Boys

Along with the emphasis on fulfilling and healthy nutrition, exercise plays a significant part in boarding schools for troubled teens. In our program’s daily routine, the morning begins with a structured run then some free time to just enjoy movement. Many of the boys will play basketball, touch football, and other team-based sports while supervised by the direct care staff.

By starting the morning with exercise, our students can burn off energy before moving into activities which are more sedentary. Teenage boys in particular benefit from this practice as many of them struggled in public schools with the long, sedentary days trapped in a classroom with little opportunities for exercise.

Instead, at a boarding school for troubled boys, our program is tailored to give them the rush of exercise endorphins to help regulate moods while helping them be ready to participate in group therapy and other parts of our program which require strong cognitive focus.

By blending therapy, academics, exercise, and nutrition, our students at Liahona Treatment Center have been able to make more progress toward a more positive life than they had previously been able to achieve. If you would like to learn more about our program, contact us. One of our program advisors will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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