Education for Parents with Troubled Teens

Parenting troubled teens isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes strength, confidence, and knowledge to get through it. The following are just some of the ways you can find the education needed to be the best parent to your struggling teen.

Local Community

Most communities have support groups and workshops for parents. These meetings discuss the issues parents have during adolescence. It’s a great way to learn from guest speakers who may be psychologists, physicians, and specialists. Since there will be other parents there, you will be able to meet others who understand what you’re going through and be able to help you.


Many parents set up therapy appointments for their troubled teens, but they don’t set them up for themselves. It’s a wise idea to do this because a therapist can provide a wealth of information on how to approach situations. Not only will it be a good way to vent all the thoughts and feelings you’re having, but you’ll also be able to walk away with the knowledge of what to do when crises occur again.


Many child and adolescent specialists have written books on how to care for at-risk youth. Visit your local library or search online for books related your experiences. For example, if you believe your teen may be using drugs or alcohol, search for books on that topic. You’ll learn how to approach the subject with your teenager, and what to do if you’ve already said something and it’s made the situation worse.

Online Resources

The Internet provides extraordinary amounts of information you can use to parent your teen.

PBS has articles, resources, and videos on how to deal with some of the most common behaviors of troubled adolescents. has detailed information on what to do when you’re faced with a teen who is engaging in risky behaviors. It also provides insight into why your teenager may be misbehaving. has articles on just about every issue a teen can struggle with in high school. You can find information on mental illness, substance abuse, bullying, violence, peer pressure, and more. hosts hundreds of articles for parents struggling with their child’s behaviors. You’ll gain knowledge to tackle every situation with strength and confidence.

Troubled Teen Boarding Schools

Boarding schools, such as Liahona Academy, offer many benefits to parents. Not only is it a place where troubled teenagers can live to get away from peer pressure, learn better coping strategies, and understand why their actions are dangerous, but it’s also a place for parents to learn how to reconnect with their child. Workshops, therapy sessions, and discussions with specialists can help you take control of the situation you’re currently in, so you can guide your teenager back on a path that will make him successful in life.

If you’re struggling emotionally, mentally, and physically because of your teenager’s behaviors, contact Liahona Academy for help today. We can help you understand what has happened, and know what needs to happen to help your teen become a responsible, caring, and confident adult.

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