Effects of Bullying on Adolescents

Understand the effects of bullying on your teen

Bullying can affect a wide range of people, especially in the adolescent stages of life. Bullying has been linked to many negative outcomes such as substance abuse and addiction, mental health issues, and sometimes even suicide. Liahona Academy has helped troubled boys from all over who have suffered from the effects of bullying. If you think your adolescent may be having issues with bullying, call us today at 1-855-587-1416.

The negative effects of bullying can show up in all adolescents- adolescents that are bullied, those that bully, and those that witness the bullying first hand. As parents of adolescents, is it important to Effects of Bullying on Adolescentsspeak with your child if you feel they may be suffering from the effects of bullying. Watch for signs of struggle from your adolescent, because the negative outcomes could worsen.

Bullies, Those Bullied, And Witnesses of Bullying

Adolescents who are bullied: Kids who are bullied commonly develop negative school, physical, and mental health issues. They are likely to experience increased feelings of sadness and loneliness, a loss of interest in activities they enjoy, anxiety and depression, or changes in sleep and eating habits. They also can experience serious health issues and a decrease in academic growth. It can be likely that they will skip or drop out of school. A small percentage of adolescents who are bullied will result to retaliating in extremely violent measures and can even bring harm to others.

Adolescents who witness bullying: Those who witness other adolescents being bullied can become greatly disturbed and develop negative changes in their life as well. Usually these results aren’t as extreme but can still cause damage. These adolescents tend to experience mental health issues including anxiety and depression, an increased use of tobacco and other drugs, and may even skip or miss school.

Adolescents who bully others: Bullying others often cause kids to engage in violent behaviors that can lead to extreme, personal issues. They are likely to get in fights, engage in early sexual activity, abuse alcohol or other drugs, have criminal convictions, or become abusive to partners, friends, and family. These issues often carry on into adulthood if not taken care of during their adolescent years.

Long Term Effects of Bullying in Adolescents

A major concern of negative outcomes that develop in adolescents who struggle with bullying is that these issues will become increasingly worse and persist into adulthood. Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center that has helped troubled adolescents who struggle with bullying. We provide them with support and care through therapeutic programs that assist them in learning to cope with emotional damages in a healthier way. These issues need to be addressed quickly and delicately to insure that the results of bullying will not carry on into adulthood. The staff at Liahona Academy help adolescents to feel loved and cared for by providing a safe and secure environment away from added pressures and struggles they are currently facing. We have seen the negative effects of bullying in adolescents and we are ready to help your child recover and grow past the damaging feelings they have developed. Call us today at 1-855-587-1416 to help your child overcome the negative affects of bullying.

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