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Facilities Troubled YouthLiahona Treatment Center is one of many residential treatment facilities for troubled youth. However, Liahona Treatment Center provides intensive and comprehensive residential treatment by bringing “a new beginning” in the lives of troubled boys who are dealing with a host of issues. Our focus is therapeutic and loving intervention. The recreational programs at our facility are designed to help our boys have successful experiences through accomplishments. Liahona Treatment Center is committed to providing the best opportunity for your troubled youth to rehabilitate. Please call our Admissions Specialist at 855-587-1416 for more information.

The most difficult time for the relationship between parents and child is during the teenage years. Some boys cause trouble when they become independent and are persuaded by their friends more than their families. Some parents have not found effective resources for teens who have emotional and behavioral challenges and so, they struggled to find answers.

Facilities for troubled youth are located across the country and range in all types of care. But, the proximity of the facility to the child’s home can affect how well he does. In many cases, it helps to move the child to a different area of the country where their past life is unrecognizable. If a troubled teen has close friends nearby, or family, it may increase the chances of a runaway situation.

Residential treatment facilities and therapeutic boarding schools help teens realize past actions were destroying them and their families. They change the way troubled youth handle life’s challenges and help them become well-behaved, well-rounded contributors to society. They teach teens to have respect for themselves and others, and finally appreciate life.

Please consider the facilities at Liahona Treatment Center to take advantage of the complete therapeutic, intensive and comprehensive programs they offer. Your troubled youth can soon be on their way to recovery. Call Liahona Treatment Center at 855-587-1416 to speak to our professional Admissions Director.

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