Finding an Alternative School for Violent, Troublesome Youth

Finding an Alternative School for Violent, Troublesome Youth

Some kids are more violent than others. This stems from a variety of factors, including upbringing, mental and behavioral disorders, and even personality.

Behaviors of Violent Youth

Before seeking help, you need to identify the problem behavior. Parents are often unaware of their teen’s violent behavior until someone gets hurt. At that point, it’s harder to reverse the behavior. It’s much easier to correct behavioral problems when you diagnose the problem early on. Some of the most common behaviors for violent youth include:

  • A history of aggressive behavior and cruelty to animals
  • Reports of bullying at school (perpetrator or victim)
  • Victim of childhood abuse or neglect
  • Mental disorders like ADHD or Bipolar Disorder
  • History of vandalizing property
  • Having witnessed violence in the home
  • Prolonged exposure to violent media

Other external factors can influence violent behavior like drug or alcohol use, negative friend influences, or a fascination with weapons. If you’ve noticed any of the listed behaviors in your teens, it’s important to take action to reduce the problem.

Outcomes of Uncorrected Behavior

Handling these behaviors early on is key to overcoming violent tendencies and resuming a normal lifestyle. There are many negative consequences that come from uncorrected violent behavior, not the least of which is the risk to other kids. When youth aren’t taught that their violent behavior is wrong and how to correct it, they’ll continue to hurt people and even themselves because they don’t know anything different. Violent youth are more likely to grow up and commit serious crimes.

There’s also increased risk to themselves. Violent behavior usually stems from underlying hurt or other mental disorders. When they don’t find fulfillment in hurting others, which they rarely do, they’ll turn towards self-injury and even suicide.

Seek Help Through Liahona Academy

The primary place that these violent behaviors tend to come out is school. This poses several problems. First, other kids could get hurt, which is never something you’d want to happen. Additionally, public and traditional private schools often have a no-tolerance policy for violence, which means your teen could find themselves expelled and looking for alternative schooling.

Parents have an obligation to help their teens find the help they need in overcoming their violent behaviors. Along with self-education and professional counseling, they can provide alternative schooling in the form of a residential treatment center.

An excellent alternative schooling solution for youth exhibiting violent behavior is Liahona Academy. We’re a residential treatment center that offers help to troubled boys. As they come to live and learn with other boys who go through similar issues, they’ll learn to better handle their emotions and act out in an appropriate way rather than through violent tendencies. For more information about how we can help your son, call 1-855-587-1416.

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