Finding Parenting Help Online From Parents That Have Been In Your Shoes

Finding Parenting Help Online From Parents That Have Been In Your Shoes

When you are struggling with a teen who is acting out, you can feel incredibly alone. The constant battle, the fights, the frustrations, the fear...others who have never faced the same are full of advice, but it just isn’t relevant. They don’t understand how difficult it can be, or how draining. You may even feel as though they are judging you for your teen’s problems, wondering where you went wrong as a parent. Little do they know how often you torture yourself with the same question.

The Struggles Of Parenting Troubled Teens

Your child could be facing any number of risks. Bullying, violence, illegal activity, sexual acting out, depression and substance abuse are only some of the distressingly common problems our youth are fighting today. It isn’t always easy to know how to handle such matters, especially when there has been a continued escalation. Where do you even begin?

Having someone in your corner, who has been through the same struggles with their own children, can be a relief. Which is why turning to parents with the same experiences offers you not only advice and support, but hope of overcoming it, can be so important to your own coping and healing. They may even help you to learn to better manage your teen’s issues.

Though these parents are by no means professionals or experts, they can have a lot of valuable things to say. Here are eight excellent places to hear from real life parents who have been in your shoes.

  • Circle Of Moms - You may have heard of the website Popsugar, which is a fitness, health, beauty and lifestyle web publication. They have a special forum for mothers to get and give advice, socialize, and just celebrate what it means to be a mother.
  • - The Today Show website offers a blog that features well written articles by both experts and non-experts alike, covering every facet of parenting you can imagine.
  • - Failing to get through to your teen about the importance of their grades? Worried that professional intervention may be necessary? Ask other parents here!
  • - Find moms in your local area, get or give advice, or just shoot the breeze. This is a highly active forum with a lot of users.
  • Syber Moms - This is a great site for advice, because it is more inclusive than many. You can get advice based around other extenuating circumstances, such as if you are a stay at home or working parent, if you have chronic conditions that impact your parenting, taking care of teens and children with special needs, and more.
  • Just Mommies - Another incredibly active mommy forum, this one is so thorough it is insane. There is every category you could think of, and some you never would have. Each has tens of thousands of posts.
  • Natural Parenting - This Australian blog has categories that cater specifically to raising teens.

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