Grief and Loss In Teens

Teen years are naturally a difficult time for most individuals. Teenagers are in the process of transition from childhood to adulthood. They are experiencing changes in their mind, body, and spirit that can often be difficult to understand. During this time period, teens may find themselves in difficult situations resulting from sudden loss and grief, which makes the process of transitioning to adulthood an even more difficult process. At Liahona Academy, we help troubled teens struggling with grief and loss to learn tools and skills that will assist them in coping with this difficult time. Call Liahona Academy at 1-855-587-1416 for advice on teens struggling with grief and loss. 

Each year, thousands of teens experience a sudden of loss of someone close to them, that they care for. For these teens, the feelings about death that come with the overwhelming loss of a loved Grief and Loss In Teensone will become a part of their lives forever. It is crucial that caring adults, whether parents, teachers, friends, or counselors, help provide teens with a chance to learn about not only the pain, but also the joy that can come from caring for others. Sudden grief and loss can create a mix of emotions in teens such as anger, guilt, sadness, frustration, and fear. By providing teens with positive and loving support, you can help teens struggling with grief and loss to eventually learn how to safely cope with this difficult time in their life.

Understanding Grief From Loss In Teens

It is important for adults to understand correct ways of helping teens with grief and loss. Teens often respond more positively to adults who offer companionship through this process rather than try to direct it. Grieving is a healthy, natural reaction to death and should be embraced instead of resisted or rejected, which is a common reaction in teens. Helping teens to accept the fact that grief is in fact natural allows them to progress in their journey.

A common mistake that adults convey to teens is that there are “wrong” and “right” ways to grieve. Teens need help understanding that there is no correct way to grieve. Each teen’s grieving experience is different and unique because every death is unique and experienced differently. However, there are choices and behaviors that are more helpful than others associated with the grieving process. Some behaviors that often arise in teens that can be hazardous during this process include alcohol and substance abuse, abnormal sexual activities, becoming antisocial or withdrawn from social activities, sleeping more than normal, and high-risk behaviors. These behaviors can develop into dangerous habits and can be taken care of in facilities such as Liahona Academy.

Liahona Academy Assists In Grief and Loss In Teens

It can be very difficult knowing the correct way to assist teens struggling with grief and loss. Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center that has developed therapeutic programs designed to provide teens with a safe and secure environment to grieve the loss of loved ones. The staff at Liahona Academy has a deep understanding of the grieving process and allows teens to accept and embrace the ability to grieve in the best and healthiest way to fit their needs. We have discovered that the best way to assist teens struggling with grief and loss is merely to accompany them on their journey as a listener and a learner. Grief is an ongoing process and though there isn’t a “cure” for grief, there are ways to grow, learn, and gain acceptance through grief. If you are aware of teens that are struggling with the grieving process, please call Liahona Academy today at 1-855-587-1416 and allow us to serve them.  

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