Group Homes for Troubled Boys in Colorado

Your teen has been in increasingly serious trouble and you just don’t know what to do. It isn’t just a source of frustration anymore, it is one of absolute panic. Their behavior is becoming more extreme, you have tried absolutely everything you can think of to help them, and yet they continue to rage against you and every other authority figure you have turned to. Educators, therapists and even the legal system have failed to correct your teen’s downward slide.

This is a sadly common tale for many parents across the US. Feelings of guilt, anger, and despair are perfectly valid reactions to the stresses of raising troubled boys. But that doesn’t make it any easier to understand what should be done. Is it just a matter of guiding them until they grow out of it? Or could it be a sign of a more serious problem?

Signs That Your Teen From Colorado Needs Serious Therapeutic Treatment

There are certain red flags that point to a need for a more serious form of intervention, often involving some form of long term housing in a secure location. Some of these signs include:

  • Anger and rage issues, including those causing violent outbursts, fighting, and threats.
  • Criminal behaviors, such as theft, vandalism, or the selling of illegal items.
  • Gang activity of any kind, or spending time primarily around gang members.
  • Substance abuse, including alcohol and marijuana consumption.
  • Risky sexual behaviors and promiscuity.
  • Dangerous and impulsive activities.
  • Compulsive lying.
  • A diagnosis of a mental or personality disorder.
  • Truancy and a failing academic career.
  • A general disrespect or apathy leading to continuous negative consequences.
  • Depression, self injury, or suicidal idealization.

The severity of the above problems are only part of the equation. Many parents fail to realize that by the time they are recognizing signs, the problem is already far worse, but being successfully hidden (in part) by their child. It has merely become big enough to be seen in spite of this attempt at deception. That realization can be a serious shock for parents, who didn’t realize what had been happening in their teen’s life.

When any of these behaviors are present, it is time for a more extreme form of aggressive treatment. For many teens, the best environment is one that is secure, filled with professionals who know how to treat them, and academic advisers who can improve their grades.

The Benefits Of Group Homes and Therapeutic Programs For Colorado Teens At Liahona Academy

Group homes are a helpful tool for troubled boys in Colorado seeking treatment for their personal struggles. Liahona Academy, though not in the group homes category, offers similar and more extensive treatment to troubled boys from Colorado than that of a group home. Researching the correct facility for your adolescent can be confusing and frustrating. Call Liahona Academy today at 1-855-587-1416 for assistance and answers to your questions.

For some teens, group homes provide the necessary treatment needed to help further their rehabilitation. Group homes that can produce the best results for troubled boys from Colorado will provide real life training through different methods of skill development. The “real life” activities created by group homes are to designed to help teens find more beneficial solutions or activities to integrate into their lives when they leave the home and are carrying on their rehabilitation without professional assistance. The 24 hour supervision from staff that live on site with the residents is a great benefit because of the constant care that can be given to troubled teens in need.

It is important to understand why sometimes group homes or therapeutic boarding schools are chosen. It may seem wrong to send your child away, and you may fear you are giving them the wrong message, one that says “We don’t want you.” Nothing can be further from the truth. These programs give the teen a stable environment where they can heal, learn, and grow. It also provides a time away from the family, which has been struggling as a unit under the strain of your child’s behaviors.

By giving you both some distance, while addressing the core reasons for your teen’s problems, you can both become more whole. That way, when they return home, you will be better equipped to give them the support they need to continue on with their journey of rehabilitation. You can’t assist with that goal if you are straining under the stress of dealing with their problems at home.

For your teen, they will meet peers who face the same problems, which can be a unifying experience away from the judgement of their past environment. They can discover the root cause of their struggle. Plus build a solid foundation for the rest of their life, under the guidance of trained professionals who have worked with many teenagers like them in the past.

Liahona Academy Provides Great Success to Troubled Boys from Colorado

Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center, a step up from group homes, that has proven to be extremely successful among troubled boys from Colorado. Therapeutic treatment is offered to boys that enter our facility, which can help teens that struggle with controlling their emotions or behaviors in difficult situations. We can help them to learn how to overcome their personal issues such as behavioral issues, drug or substance abuse and addictions, emotional issues, and family or adoption issues. We encourage troubled boys to make these positive changes in their lives because they want to. Boys gain a sense of respect from those who expect nothing but greatness from them. Helping these troubled boys to gain respect for themselves will motivate them to live up to their potential “greatness” and begin the path that will restore them back to their families.

Parents of troubled boys from Colorado have looked to Liahona Academy for answers and help. While we are not a group home, we offer highly effective programs that can assist your child in furthering their rehabilitation. Continue your research on group homes and residential treatment centers by calling Liahona Academy at 1-855-587-1416.

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