Group Homes for Troubled Teens in Arizona

Group homes for troubled teens are an ideal option for parents unsure of what to do with their at-risk teens. If you have a child that doesn’t seem to be making progress with outpatient options, then it may be time to consider full time help. Troubled teens from Arizona can find the therapeutic care they need in a facility that is dedicated to helping them turn their lives around and become happy and healthy individuals, both physically and mentally. Liahona Academy has been available as a safe and effective option for struggling teens for many years.

Our experienced staff and licensed therapists can help your child find the direction he needs in an environment that is structured and geared toward helping adolescents and their unique blend of challenges in a way that is motivating to them. Handling a teen with behavioral issues is not easy, but Liahona Academy is a place where your son can find his feet and thrive. We are always available for a consultation and encourage you to call us today at 1-855-587-1416 for more information. Together, we can give your troubled teen a new outlook on life.

Why Are Group Homes A Good Solution For Troubled Teens In Arizona?

It is natural to feel frustrated that your interventions and support are not helping your son. After all, you have raised him all his life and he has been guided by you so far. In fact, teens with behavioral issues may do much better in an outside environment because it allows them to reinvent themselves without many of the temptations and triggers that they deal with at home and school.

Group homes, such as Liahona Academy, are based on therapeutic methods and eliminate many of the issues that are blocking your teen’s progress at home. A third party that is able to work with you to help your son identify the root of his behavior problems and learn to implement coping methods that are healthy, safe and useful for a lifetime.

Parents considering a group home for their son should keep a few factors in mind before they make a decision. Among the things to consider are:

  • Cost – Many teen help programs require out of pocket payments rather than accepting insurance. While the cheapest option may not be the best, the more expensive ones don’t necessarily mean that the program is good.
  • Qualifications – Each state has different rules governing group homes and residential treatment centers for teens. Some require more licensing and safety measures than others. Liahona Academy is located in a state that has the most comprehensive laws regarding teen help programs in the nation.
  • Success Rate – One of the ways that you can know if a facility is worth looking at is by their success rate. Ask for the contact information of families that have placed a teen there in order to get an outside view of how well the program worked. Get a range of contact numbers so you can look into long term success rates as well as newer families that can give a review of the current practices at the group home.
  • Therapy Variety – Teens grow and develop differently than adults do and while talk therapy is still a valuable solution, hands on experiences are more motivating and allow for greater processing. Choose a facility that offers a variety of experiential therapy solutions in order to ensure that your son is getting the best and most effective experience possible.
  • Academic Program – It is no small thing to send your son away for a significant amount of time, even if you know it is the best thing for him. The last thing you want is for him to fall behind on his schooling as a result. Many programs offer educational components that will allow your teen to keep up, catch up or get the tutoring he needs to be successful in school. Make sure that any facility you are looking at has a nationally accredited program to ensure that your son can transfer his credits when he is done.

Liahona Academy Can Help Your Troubled Son Thrive

At Liahona Academy, we are committed to helping teen boys access their better selves and restore families to a place of peace and happiness. Through a safe and consistent environment and a time tested therapeutic program, we can help your boy overcome his challenges and gain the skills that he can’t while he is living at home.

Call us today for a complimentary consultation and see if Liahona Academy is the best fit for your teen. Our caring staff is here to help you navigate this difficult time and find a solution that works. 1-855-587-1416.

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