Group Homes for Troubled Teens in Michigan

In Michigan, it’s no secret that teenagers who struggle with mental, emotional or behavior issues have a harder time finding success in the traditional school system. Parents and teachers really are not trained or equipped to handle teenage boys who need such specialized attention and care. That’s why group homes for troubled teens in Michigan are making a real difference in the lives of families that struggle with issues that typical schools cannot handle. Parents want the best for their teen sons, and that’s why places like Liahona Academy are getting so much attention.

Parents who want to learn more about group homes for troubled teens in Michigan such as Liahona Academy should contact 1-855-587-1416.

Liahona Academy is an Excellent Group Home For Struggling Teens

At Liahona Academy, teen rehabilitation is a priority. Blending academics, therapy and recreation together into a comprehensive program that benefits boys, Liahona Academy provides structure and a compassionate support from professionals who are trained to work with adolescents. From tutors and therapists to teachers and administrators, there are plenty of reasons why Liahona deserves the attention from Michigan parents who are raising troubled boys.

Another fine feature of Liahona Academy is the superior standards that it operates under. That’s because many states have little to no regulations for the way boarding schools, group homes and resident centers actually operate. Where Liahona happens to be located, the laws are extremely tough and rigorous, so only the very best schools survive. Parents who are seeking the finest programs and group homes in the country are going to be happy they found Liahona Academy.

The Numbers On Bad Behavior Among Michigan Teenagers

How can Michigan teenage boys really learn how to prioritize important parts of their lives like good friends, school and family when mental illness issues keep interfering? Often, when teens don’t get professional help, they act out in ways that shock parents and teachers. This risky behavior can be the teen’s best effort to take on pain and frustration. It can also be the first steps into a life that is full of bad choices, addiction, and even self-harm.

Far too many teens in Michigan are experiencing these behaviors, as seen by the numbers:

  • 79 percent of Michigan high schoolers graduate
  • 16 percent of teen boys in the state drank alcohol before turning 13
  • 8 percent of teenage Michigan boys use inhalants to get high
  • 35 percent of the boys in MI have used marijuana at some point
  • Michigan is ranked 32nd in the nation for suicides

Professional help in the form of therapy is one of the best ways for teens to work through their darkest issues and learn how to manage their challenges instead of hide from them. Michigan parents reach a point where they are unable to do everything on their own. Help from the outside is the most important thing that parents can do for their troubled Michigan teenager and Liahona Academy can provide the support and structure that is needed to get things back on track.

Group Homes for Troubled Teens in Michigan Make a Difference

Resident boarding schools are not all alike, as some teen help programs simply don’t have the comprehensive healing and rehabilitation as their focus. Far too many short-term programs like boot camps, summer camps, wilderness camps and even military schools only concentrate on stopping bad behavior rather than healing the teenagers from within. Group homes for troubled teens in Michigan with the right focus on academics, therapy and recreation therapy can really make a difference in recovery. Any Michigan teenager who has mental health, emotional or behavioral challenges can really make significant progress from time in a group home.

Michigan parents of struggling boys have already learned that traditional schools are unable to give boys the attention, support and guidance that they really need. Also, many parents just concentrate on the behavior and ignore the educational aspect or life skills development that boys need. Therapeutic boarding schools present a holistic approach that touches on all the important parts of a teen boy’s life.

The best therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers help in the following ways:

  • Qualified staff: The best programs have licensed and certified staff members in all positions, such as teachers, therapists, mentors, recreation therapists, administrators, counselors and more.
  • Regular therapy: Troubled teens need regular therapy to dig into their mental health and behavior issues, so they attend individual and group sessions frequently.
  • Academic support: Teens in a group home cannot ignore schooling, so certified teachers hold classes where teens can keep up with their peers, repair credit and even earn a diploma from high school.
  • Recreation therapy: While it seems fun-filled, recreation therapy actually gives teens a chance to push themselves, gain self-esteem, hone communication skills and focus on teamwork and leadership.
  • Community living: Learning to get along with others is important and every teen boy contributes to the community, whether it is doing service, performing chores, learning about laundry or even cooking and cleaning.
  • Life skills: Teens need to learn to take care of themselves for that transition to adulthood, so life lessons include hygiene, self-care, finances and budget, and much more.

Michigan parents should do the research to find the finest group home out there for their child. Along with all the program requirements in therapy, academics and more, parents should check out the success rate and testimonies from parents and former students to see up close what life in the group home is really like. A brighter future awaits Michigan teenagers who want to make a significant change in the direction their life is going.

Liahona Academy Helps Struggling Teen Boys in Michigan

When it comes to providing therapy, recreation, life skills and academics to troubled teen boys, Michigan parents don’t have to look any further than Liahona Academy. Few organizations and group homes out there run a program with such a wide-ranging appeal and a focus on helping teens with issues overcome them. As a top residential treatment center, Liahona Academy makes plenty of quality claims and then delivers on those promises. Michigan boys will get every opportunity to successfully transition from teen to adults with a bright future.

There’s more information available about Liahona Academy when Michigan parents call 1-855-587-1416.

Teen Boys in these Michigan Cities Can Attend Liahona Academy:

Detroit, Warren, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Sterling Heights, Ann Arbor, Flint, Livonia, Dearborn, Westland, Clinton, Canton, Troy, Farmington Hills, Kalamazoo, Wyoming and more.

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