Group Homes for Troubled Teens in North Carolina

Group homes for troubled teens are an incredible option for North Carolina parents to give counseling and therapy services for teenagers in North Carolina. Residential treatment is sometimes the right option for struggling teens that live in North Carolina. Therapeutic boarding schools that welcome troubled teens from North Carolina are designed to include a range of treatment methods, from individual or group therapy and academic support to vocational training. If North Carolina parents struggle with what to do for their teenage sons, who are exhibiting behavior that is beyond control and pushing off any attempts at intervention, it is time for more professional help. Liahona Academy's residential treatment program has shown to be a proven ally for parents and more effective in helping North Carolina troubled teens than traditional group homes and therapeutic boarding schools.

The consultants at Liahona Academy will assist parents in identifying the best solution. North Carolina parents should contact them for additional information at this number: 1-855-587-1416.

Troubled Teens in North Carolina Can Find Help in Group Homes Like Liahona Academy

Liahona Academy is the ideal choice for teen boys that need support and structure. Such programs are highly recommended for North Carolina parents wanting a solution for their wayward child. When teens get violent or destructive and engage in reckless behavior, they often need serious counseling from an expert third party. Liahona Academy is the ideal group homes for troubled teens because it is located in a state with very strict regulations on the teen help industry. North Carolina parents can feel comfortable knowing that a residential treatment program like Liahona Academy is a better option for their troubled teen than group homes or therapeutic boarding schools.

Choosing between group homes, therapeutic boarding schools, and residential treatment centers is not an easy decision, but North Carolina parents of troubled teens will do what they can to find any realistic and viable solution for their child. Liahona Academy meets and even exceeds expectations in all evaluation areas such as trained staff, cost, administration qualifications, overall success rate, academic accreditation and teaching philosophy. Not every group home for troubled teens provides the best type of care that Liahona Academy does.

North Carolina Teen Statistics of Troubling Behavior

There are plenty of ways that teenagers in North Carolina deal with their pain, frustration and anger. Often, they engage in bad behavior where they put their health and sometimes even their lives at risk. Parents who are noticing bad behavior among their teens should not delay in getting advice on what to do. Waiting too long to enroll a child in a therapeutic group home can lead to lots of trouble.

Here are some of the numbers that reveal North Carolina teen behavior:

  • 16 percent of North Carolina teen boys drink before 13
  • 12 percent of teens in North Carolina admit to binge drinking
  • 37 percent of boys in the state regularly use marijuana
  • The U.S. Department of Education reported an 85% graduation rate in 2016
  • North Carolina ranks 37th in suicides when compared to other states

It’s easy to see why North Carolina parents cannot simply wait for their teen to grow out of their bad behavior. In fact, North Carolina parents that want to get the best help for their child should contact Liahona Academy to see what kind of options are available.

Why a Group Home for Troubled Teens in North Carolina is a Good Idea

Every North Carolina teenager who struggles with mental health issues could benefit from time in a group home that provides a safe and secure environment. However, taking this step is a big deal and many parents simply don’t know what will happen to their troubled teenager at the group home. When parents and teens are educated on what’s going on, they are more likely to get the process started.

These are the top five things that North Carolina parents should learn about therapeutic group homes:

  • Licensed therapists are on staff to conduct individual sessions and group therapy sessions.
  • Certified teachers and tutors provide a learning atmosphere for teenagers to repair credit, take classes, catch up to their grade level and even earn a diploma.
  • Recreational therapy, from equine therapy to outdoor recreation, is a big part of the healing process because they facilitate communication and self-esteem.
  • Life skills training, from big projects to small chores, help teens become more independent.
  • Dedicated administration that works hard to create a safe and structured place for troubled teens from across the country to rehabilitate.

It’s certainly a hard thing to make the decision to uproot a teenager’s life and really get them into the mode of changing their destructive ways but it is certainly the right thing to do before the bad habits change their future forever. Group homes that have therapeutic services and academic resources are going to make the long-term changes that parents in North Carolina are hoping for.

Choose Liahona Academy for Troubled Teens from North Carolina

Most parents want their teenagers to grow and progress in life, with the coping mechanisms that will allow them to handle life’s challenges. If there are problems that they encounter and simply aren’t in a place where they can help their teenager, it’s time to consider a residential treatment program like Liahona Academy. It is a facility that is incredibly effective in turning around bad behavior. Group homes are not all the same, so North Carolina parents must do their research and ensure they are enrolling their teenagers into a program that really makes a difference.

Liahona Academy is a licensed residential treatment program that can help North Carolina teens more than a group home can. Parents with questions should call 1-855-587-1416.

Cities in North Carolina Where Troubled Teens Find Help in Group Homes

Greensboro, Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham, Greenville, Cary, High Point, Wilmington, Monroe, Winston-Salem, Fayetteville, Asheville, Fort Bragg, Concord, Jacksonville, Gastonia, Rocky Mount, Wilson, Goldsboro, Hickory, Kannapolis, Salisbury, Chapel Hill, Burlington, and Huntersville

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