Group Homes for Troubled Teens in Oregon

In the state of Oregon, teenagers may find that their struggles are too much for them, and choose to act out, behave badly and even engage in self-harming activities like drugs or alcohol. Parents who may or may not recognize mental, emotional or behavior issues in their sons may just believe their teens are going through a typical rebellion phase. Unfortunately, this may just lead to tougher problems that teens have to deal with. Group homes for troubled teens in Oregon are the best solution to family problems like this and it’s definitely going to be better for everyone involved when they get the professional help they need.

Liahona Academy will answer all parental questions about their residential treatment center program when they call 1-855-587-1416.

A Group Home Like Liahona Academy Is The Smart Parent’s Pick

Liahona Academy takes the place of traditional schools and weekly therapists for those teens that simply cannot be successful in regular programs at home. Most parents don’t know how to keep tabs on or monitor those with mental illnesses without special training, and traditional school teachers are not equipped to manage troublesome teenage boys. A therapeutic group home provides that specialized structure and support that struggling teens really need. A group homes for troubled teens in Oregon definitely is the first step in the catalyst for change that parents and teens are seeking in their lives.

Liahona Academy facilitates a change for the better in the lives of families who need help with their teen sons. As a group home with a therapeutic and academic emphasis, Liahona Academy is doing everything possible to ensure that it operates according to some of the best standards with the most successes of any other program around. Parents can feel an incredible sense of relief knowing that their wayward child is finding the help and hope he needs at Liahona Academy.

Risky Behavior Numbers for Oregon Teenagers

When Oregon teenage boys engage in bad behavior, it is often a diversion from their real feelings of anger, confusion and fear. They need the help of a professional therapist to help them navigate the difficult path of meeting challenges in a positive way. Oregon parents need to decide whether or not they are ready to take action and help their teenagers with their pain, both internally and externally.

There Oregon statistics on troubled teens are enough to make worried parents even more afraid for their children:

  • Thirty-two percent of the boys in their teen years in the USA have partaken of alcohol over the past four weeks
  • Seven percent of all teenagers in the country use inhalants to get them high
  • 73 percent of all high school students in the state have the opportunity to graduate
  • Marijuana experimenting is done by around forty percent of teens
  • Oregon ranks 11th for suicide

Without intervention, teen boys in Oregon will continue to act out in ways that disrupt home and school and alienate parents and teachers. Liahona Academy is often the best solution that parents have to assist their child in dealing with behaviors that threaten their future. Liahona Academy is ready and waiting to do what is needed to get teens on track once again.

Group Homes for Troubled Teens in Oregon Really Can Help Your Teen Son

Group homes have many different names, like resident treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools. One thing they have in common is the holistic approach to rehabilitation and healing. Summer camps, wilderness camps, military schools and more simply don’t have the all-purpose approach to helping teens that these resident boarding schools do. Oregon teenagers are going to need all the help they can get in dealing with things like bipolar, anxiety, substance abuse, addiction, depression and more mental illnesses.

Whether teens reach out to their parents or not, Oregon parents really need to get their priorities straight and take the difficult step of enrolling their child in a residential treatment center program like Liahona Academy. Blending academics, therapy and other components, these group homes are the clear path to a brighter future. Each teen boy’s life is important, and group homes with this focus can divert students from a disastrous future.

Group homes for troubled teens in Oregon have several advantages:

  • Qualified staff that are experts in treating adolescents
  • Regular therapy sessions for groups of teens as well as individuals
  • Academic help to repair credit and earn more credits.
  • Accredited school classes that guide kids in earning a high school diploma.
  • Recreation therapy gives teenagers an outlet for creativity and energy.
  • Group living teaches teens to contribute to chores, cooking and more in a family setting.
  • Life skills experiences provide opportunities for leadership, communication and teamwork.

Keeping teenagers on a path toward a successful future is hard enough for parents whose children are not struggling with emotional trauma and mental illnesses. Few places are up to the task of providing the best atmosphere for teens to figure out what their issues are and how to overcome them, Liahona Academy excels in putting parental minds at ease and guiding teenage boys in Oregon toward taking control of their own future by meeting the challenges of the present.

Liahona Academy and Oregon Teenage Boys Work Together

Oregon parents who are seeking out realistic resident centers and group homes for their sons don’t have to look much further than the programs at Liahona Academy. There are so many reasons why Liahona Academy is the right place for teen boys, from the wide-ranging recreation program to the top academic support and more. Group homes for troubled teenagers in Oregon are no match for the quality of care and attention that boys get when attending Liahona Academy. The future looks brighter for anyone who attends this fine residential treatment center.

Liahona Academy welcomes troubled teenage boys from Oregon and any parents who want to learn more should call 1-855-587-1416.

Liahona Academy is Ideal for Troubled Teens from these Oregon Cities

Portland, Eugene, Beaverton, Lake Oswego, Astoria, Keizer, Salem, Gresham, Medford, Corvallis, Albany, Bend, Springfield, Hillsboro, and Tigard.

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