Group Homes for Troubled Teens in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania parents often feel frustrated that their best efforts are bringing no real results with their troubled teenage boys. When bad behavior seems to be taking over a teen’s life, it can cause lots of worry and stress. The good news is that group homes for troubled teens in Pennsylvania are specially designed to get them into an intensive therapy program and also provide them with academic support. Liahona Treatment Center is one of the finest group homes and there are lots of success stories about how their unique program has turned troubled teenage boys into successful young men.

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Why is Liahona Treatment Center the Best Choice For A Group Home?

Pennsylvania teens are influenced by so many things, that often they are distracted from actually dealing with their emotional stress, mental health issues and more. Chaotic home and school life simply negates any well-meaning parental intervention and even weekly therapy sessions. Liahona Treatment Center is a mental health residential treatment center where teens attend full-time to start rehabilitation for their issues. In this safe, supportive and structured environment, Pennsylvania teen boys can really focus on problems and work with trained staffers to find solutions.

Another benefit of Liahona Treatment Center is that it has been set up within a state that has extremely strict laws on the books about how teenage therapy and help programs operate. Not all group homes for troubled teens in Pennsylvania are alike, and some can even be detrimental to long-term growth and development. Liahona Treatment Center consistently earns top marks from people who both attend and evaluate group homes. It truly is a viable intervention for Pennsylvania parents who have exhausted all other resources for their struggling teenage sons.

Statistics On Poor Teen Behaviors In Pennsylvania

Teens are hard-pressed to work out their behavioral issues on their own. In fact, their way of coping with fear, pain, frustration and more is to engage in risky behavior that helps them forget about their problems and distracts them from the hard work of finding solutions. Parents in Pennsylvania should see their child’s escalating behavior as a big red flag and work hard to do something about it.

Just take a look at some of these Pennsylvania statistics on troubled teens:

  • 31% of teens admit to regularly drinking alcohol and 13% admit to binge drinking.
  • 33% of PA teens have used marijuana.
  • PA ranks 39th in the country for teen pregnancy.
  • 9.3% kids are diagnosed with ADHD each year.
  • Suicide ranking for the US: 21st
  • High school graduation rate: 84%
  • There were over 1000 teen arrests in 2018 for issues like drug abuse and aggravated assault.

Pennsylvania parents are definitely going to want to learn everything they can about bad behavior that can significantly affect their teen’s future. Group homes for teens are often the ideal solution because the teens are in a sheltered environment and they have attentive, experienced professionals working with them daily. When things just aren’t working out at home anymore, it’s a good idea to look at group homes for troubled teens in Pennsylvania.

Benefits of Group Homes for Troubled Pennsylvania Teenagers

When Pennsylvania parents of struggling teenage boys start a serious evaluation of group homes, they may mistakenly feel that they are all pretty much alike and that one is just as good as another. While it’s true that group homes are a one-of-a-kind environment where teens effectively get treatment for a range of issues, there are different standards, treatment philosophies and even regulatory issues that affect how each school performs.

Because of all the options for group homes, it can be extremely hard for Pennsylvania parents to make the right choice of which one to pick for their sons. There are several different features that parents should look at that can indicate whether or not a program is a good one. The more they research the better they will find that their understanding will grow of what programs are best. It’s a matter of matching the group home with their child’s issues, like anxiety, depression, substance abuse, addiction, abuse trauma, self-esteem issues and more.

Here are five things that parents should look for in the best group homes for troubled teens in Pennsylvania:

  • Safe environment: When teens live away from home in a residential facility, there should be some structure in place that outlines their daily schedule and balances all the parts of the program. Often, there are rules in place like no electronics to help keep the facility organized and keep the kids focused.
  • Regular therapy: Teens with mental health issues and emotional trauma need regular therapy given by a licensed professional who has specialized in adolescent issues. Teens should participate in group therapy and individual therapy daily and weekly to get to the heart of their health and wellness challenges, and then address ways to resolve them.
  • Academic focus: While teens are living in a group home, it’s easy to overlook the amount of school they will be missing. The best resident programs include accredited academic programs with actual teachers who assist with credit repair, tutoring, completing classes and even work toward graduation.
  • Life skills: Teens need to be taught how to move from living as a young person to becoming a full-fledged adult. That means they need to learn how to take care of their bodies and their minds, as well as others, so group homes provide the incentive and the opportunities for laundry, chores, cleaning, cooking and more.
  • Transition training: No teenager can go from a group home back to their parent’s homes or on their own without a transition period. A successful program includes phases that help the teen move from complete dependence on the home to relative independence. Family support is important for this phase as well.

Pennsylvania parents know that their troubled teens are going to resist getting help in most cases. That’s why they have to make the hard decisions about doing the research, choosing a group home and enrolling the teenager. Despite their best and most heartfelt efforts, if parents can no longer control their teen and they fear for their safety, the safety of others or their teen son’s safety, they simply must take the next step and get help.

Liahona Treatment Center is the Best Group Home for Troubled Teens from Pennsylvania

There are so many reasons why Liahona Treatment Center is the best group home for troubled teens in Pennsylvania. Finding a well-suited program is one of the best things that parents can do for a child who is dealing with issues that are too difficult for them to handle alone. As a viable intervention option, Liahona Treatment Center can light the way for teens to follow a safe and therapeutic path that leads away from bad behavior and toward a bright future.

Liahona Treatment Center professionals are standing by to answer any questions from Pennsylvania parents at 1-855-587-1416.

Pennsylvania Cities of Families Who Were In Need Of Group Homes for Troubled Teens

Philadelphia, Ross Township, Pittsburgh, Bensalem, Allentown, Shaler Township, Drexel Hill, Bethel Park, Mount Lebanon, Levittown, Erie, Upper Darby, Penn Hills, Bethlehem, Lower Merion, Lancaster, Altoona, Radnor, Williamsport, Harrisburg, Wilkes-Barre, York, Chester, Reading, Scranton, Norristown and Monroeville.

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