Group Homes for Troubled Teens in Texas

Group Homes for Troubled Teens

There are a lot of positive things about group homes for troubled teens in Texas, and most experts agree that they are the best long-term solution for families looking for answers. Of course, resident treatment centers are not all the same, because there are vastly different philosophies, regulatory laws and even training levels of staff members from place to place.

Texas parents that have plenty of their own research should choose a place that provides a safe and secure atmosphere with a focus on academics and therapy. Popular teen help programs like boot camps, wilderness camps and military schools simply won’t provide the same level of care as group homes for troubled teens in Texas. Many parents are finding that Liahona Academy gives them everything they need.

Texas parents of troubled teen boys can learn more about Liahona Academy’s excellent programs when they call 1-855-587-1416.

Should Texas Parents Pick Liahona Academy?

Liahona Academy is emerging as one of the premium residential boarding schools among the group homes out there for troubled teens. Texas parents are looking for a place that will provide the best care for their child, and they can count on Liahona Academy. There are many different laws and regulations that guide how group homes operate, but some states don’t have very high standards. One of the reasons why Liahona Academy is so successful is that it resides in one of the states where the regulations are very tight and the laws are clear on how things operate. This gives Liahona Academy every opportunity to meet and exceed state laws.

It’s hard for Texas parents to make the hard decision of enrolling their troubled teen in a resident group home. However, without intervention, the teen could make bad choices that affect his future for many years down the road. Liahona Academy has a proven track record of helping teens turn their lives around, moving from a troubled adolescence to a happier and healthier adulthood. At Liahona Academy, the focus is on healing and gaining the tools to be successful, not simply conforming their behavior for a while. Liahona Academy is a residential boarding school that puts all the attention on the teen and their future, and parents from across the country are taking that first step in helping their sons.

Statistics on Texas Teen Bad Behavior

Mental illness, emotional distress and behavior challenges can derail a promising teen’s bright future. When they engage in bad behavior, it is often a cry for help and they are handling it in the only way they know how. That’s when parents in Texas need to recognize the warning signs and step up to intervene. Ignoring bad behavior in a teen is never going to help them solve their problems and could, in fact, lead to problems and overwhelming challenges ahead.

Texas teens with this type of bad behavior are far too common:

  • In Texas, 16.4% of Texas teens drink alcohol
  • Surprisingly, 5% of teenagers in Texas abuse prescription drugs
  • Nationwide, 40% of US teen boys have tried marijuana
  • Texas ranks 31st in the country for suicides.
  • Only 86% of TX teens actually ever graduate from high school

Group homes for troubled teens in Texas can make a real difference by removing them from their current negative environment and separating them from peers who may be a bad influence. Instead of a short-term military school or boot camp, long-term programs like group homes provide the best setting for real healing. Liahona Academy excels at rehabilitating boys from Texas and beyond, and it’s never too late to start.

Benefits of Group Homes for Troubled Teens in Texas

Teen boys have enough to deal with on a daily basis that make it hard to succeed, but when they are also carrying the burden of issues like anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, emotional trauma, abuse aftereffects, substance abuse and more, the challenges of life can be overwhelming. Teen help programs across the country try to provide the proper tools and coping skills they need to navigate through adulthood successfully. Group homes with an academic and therapeutic emphasis are the best options for Texas parents and their sons to get real and lasting help.

Group homes for troubled teens in Texas really can make a difference. Parents might worry because their teens are not living at home, however that can be a real advantage in removing all kinds of negative influences and neutralizing any triggers for bad behavior. Kids get a clean start and they are surrounded by experienced and trained adults that have their best interests in mind. There’s a reason why group homes, resident treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools are the top choices of parents with troubled teenagers.

Just look at all the benefits that group homes for troubled teens in Texas can provide:

  • Therapy: Licensed and certified therapists hold regular sessions, both group and individual, so that teens have constant support. They also work with teens to figure out what the root issues are and then work together to tackle them.
  • Academics: Usually by this time in their lives, teens have failed at school, so getting them back on an academic track is critical. Group homes with accredited academic programs provide licensed teachers for small classes where teens can earn credits and even receive a diploma if they meet all the requirements.
  • Recreation therapy: Teens need to discover who they are and what their inner strengths are, so recreation therapy is the key to unlocking all that potential. Examples of this unique therapy include art, sports, music, equine therapy, outdoor and survival skills, and more.
  • Community service: Life skills are critical for teens that need to transition to adulthood so that’s a big part of group living. Teens contribute to chores, cooking and laundry, and they are taught all about things like budgeting, personal hygiene, leadership, teamwork and more.
  • Transition: Teens can’t live in the bubble of a group home forever, so the best programs provide some kind of transition program to bridge the gap between the home and the real world, whether that’s back with family or college or on their own.

Once troubled teens get the therapy they need and catch a glimpse of what their future might be, they are going to work hard to achieve it. Trained staffers, caring administrators, dynamic mentors and more area all work together to boost the health and wellness of every teen in the group home.

Texas boys with emotional, behavioral and mental health issues are going to benefit from living in a group home, much more than they would if they continued to stay at home. Spending time at Liahona Academy may be the right answer for Texas parents of troubled teenage boys who don’t know what else to do and who are worried because nothing else is working.

Troubled Texas Teens Belong at Liahona Academy

Group homes for troubled teens in Texas will definitely make a difference in each student’s life, and there’s no comparison with other teen help programs like wilderness camps and boot camps. Liahona Academy is happy to provide parents with all the information they can about their rehabilitation programs, academic support and healing philosophy.

With so many success stories from graduates of Liahona Academy, Texas parents will soon know that this is the right place for their teenager. Any teen boy that is not finding success in traditional school, at home and in the community may need a change of scenery and immersion in a program that is dedicated to finding out what his issues are and how to heal them. There’s no doubt that Liahona Academy is the best place for troubled boys to heal.

Texas parents with questions about Liahona Academy should definitely call 1-855-587-1416.

Texas Cities Where Troubled Teen Boys Should Attend Liahona Academy

Austin, El Paso, Houston, Killeen, Lubbock, Irving, Dallas, San Antonio, Waco, McAllen, Brownsville, Odessa, Fort Worth, Abilene, Arlington, Wichita Falls, Corpus Christi, Tyler, Plano, Pasadena, Garland, Mesquite, Grand Prairie, Beaumont, Carrollton, Midland, Richardson, San Angelo, , Laredo and Amarillo,

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