Helping Your Teen Understand The Significance Of Extracurricular Activities

Some of your fondest memories of school are probably tied up in your extracurricular activities. Of course, you want your kid to experience that also. The benefits of extracurricular activities are many. They’re celebrated by many a parent for keeping kids busy and out of trouble. They’re also a means of personal development and help kids to make strong friendships. It is hard when you want a good thing for your child and they fight against it. Somethings to consider when you talk to your kids about participating in extracurricular activities.

  1. First, nobody wins when the discussion becomes a power struggle. Forcing your kid to participate in a specific extracurricular activity is going to come back and bite you. They will resent you, come to loathe an activity they once loved, and it can end up wasting both time and money. Instead, try to give your kid a choice between a lot of good options. Give them the power to make a decision even if you don’t agree with it.
  2. Second, your kid has interests that are different than yours. Sure, the family might be a baseball family. You played baseball, you’re brother played baseball, you’re grandpa played baseball but your kid might hate baseball. It’s not a bad thing to try something new and it’s not a bad thing for your kid to explore different talents. There is a lot of pressure on kids to specialize to earn scholarships or college entrance but consider that your kid can’t get this time of their life back. This age group should still be exploring and trying out new interests.
  3. Third, remember that your child’s concerns are legitimate. You might try to minimize the fact they are stressed out or overworked because you’re so focused on that college acceptance letter or scholarship but teens are not superhuman. The pressure put on teens in school today can be intense and stressful. Teens need downtime to relax and they need time to just be teenagers. Remember to listen with empathy. Be your child’s advocate not their taskmaster.

If your kids can’t seem to handle a traditional school workload then you may consider alternate education options. Here at Liahona Academy we specialize in helping trouble boys to get their lives back on track. Teens deal with real issues that requires professional help and treatment. If you think your teen might need some extra help please contact us today. We are here to help.

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