How Liahona Treatment Center Helps Kids With ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, is a behavioral disorder that affecting around 8-10% of school age kids. Boys are approximately three times more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than girls, although it is not yet understood why.  ADHD is characterized by a combination or hyperactivity, impulsive action and inattention, however, many kids can present only one or two of these symptoms. Although all children share these traits to some degree, kids with ADHD present these symptoms consistently over a period of six months or more, as well as in more than one setting. ADHD can impair a child's ability to function socially and academically as well as set the stage for some very difficult adolescent years. 


ADHD is not curable, but it is highly treatable. Through early intervention and a combination of medication and therapy, a child with the disorder has the best chance of learning to manage his symptoms and lead a healthy life. However, when ADHD is particularly severe or remains undiagnosed through childhood, it can present fairly severely in teens who already struggle with acceptance, self esteem, peer pressure as well as the day to day tasks requiring organization and focus. Parents of teens with ADHD may find themselves out of their element as they struggle to understand and control their child who may need more behavioral intervention than they are able to provide. Residential facilities are effective options for teens with ADHD who would benefit from being immersed in a therapeutic environment.


Liahona Treatment Center is a residential treatment center located in Utah, specializing in helping teen boys with ADHD learn to recognize and manage their symptoms through a full time therapeutic approach. Boys who attend Liahona Treatment Center are placed among counselors and therapists who understand the challenges they are facing and are dedicated to creating a personalized treatment plan for each boy based on his unique needs. Through the unique “team approach” to therapy, residents have access to not only a therapist, but also the clinical director, the academic director, the program director and a case manager. Their goal is to help each boy adhere to his treatment plan, while maintaining himself academically through their unsurpassed educational program.


The staff at Liahona Treatment Center offers boys with ADHD an experiential treatment option, which presents the opportunity to take part in real world activities, such as leadership, community service, recreational activities and athletics. The community is fairly small, allowing residents to learn to adapt and react to daily situations within an environment that is both familiar and supportive. Boys with ADHD can practice social skills as well as support each other in recognizing triggers in themselves and others. Group therapy at Liahona Treatment Center is a combination of special interest groups, leadership training groups, drug abuse treatment, anger management and positive peer groups. The small size of the group setting helps residents create a relationship of trust with their therapists and counselors. Private therapy is also included in most treatment plans to give each boy the opportunity to discuss issues that they may not want to share in a group setting.


If your son shows symptoms of, or has been diagnosed with ADHD, contact us at Liahona Treatment Center (1-855-587-1416). Our trained specialists are on hand to answer your questions and concerns about ADHD as well as discuss the treatment options available to you. Your son may benefit from a full time therapeutic environment in order to help him learn to manage his symptoms successfully. Although we are located in Utah, and may not be local for you, we reside in a state that has the most comprehensive laws and regulations regarding health and safety for residential facilities. We are proud to offer a comfortable and supportive environment for every boy that comes to us. Call us today for a free consultation. 

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