Help, My Teen Is an Addict! How Long It Takes to Break Addiction

It’s a scary feeling to realize that your teen is an addict. You worry about what will become of your child, and you want to do everything possible to help them. You know it’s necessary to get your teen into an addiction treatment program, but you may not be sure what to expect. Here at Liahona Treatment Center, we specialize in treating boys with all troubles including addiction by addressing the needs each boy needs specifically.

Recovery Is Not an Easy Fix

Breaking an addiction requires not only changing behaviors but also resetting the brain. Research shows that addiction actually changes the brain of the addict, and it takes at least 90 days for the brain to reset after an addiction. Recovery from addiction is a lifelong process - a constant choice not to use drugs. It is not a quick, easy fix.

Treatment Process

Addiction treatment involves learning to identify and then avoid or resist triggers. Addicts must develop strategies to replace or correct the thoughts and behaviors that lead to drug use. If a teen has psychological, behavioral, or emotional issues, recovery is even more difficult. A good treatment plan will include individual therapy to address these issues.

Addicts also need to be held accountable for their behavior and choices, with someone like a sponsor or mentor. It is also important to connect with family and friends for emotional support. Staying physically active is another way to help the recovery process. Exercise releases the endorphins in the body that make us feel good naturally, and helps us to relax and clear our heads.

Treatment Options

While there are local addiction programs, sending an addicted teen away to a rehab facility or a therapeutic boarding school is a good idea for a number of reasons. Your teen will no longer have access to drugs or alcohol, and will not be affected by negative peer influences. Moving to a new environment for a while limits the triggers in a teen’s everyday life that leads them to drug use. These facilities have trained and experienced staff who know how to help teens through the recovery process.

Therapeutic boarding schools, such as Liahona Treatment Center, provide individual therapy for psychological, behavioral, or emotional issues that can contribute to addictive behaviors. These facilities also conduct daily behavior evaluations, so that teens are held accountable for their behaviors and choices. Teens participate in group therapy, where they get the support of their peers, and they learn they are not alone in how they feel.

Teens also take part in family therapy to help them develop better relationships with their families and to keep the families involved in the recovery process. Family therapy is conducted with a secure online service, or in person, when parents come to visit.

Therapeutic boarding schools also provide an individualized academic program to help teens earn credits for graduation. Students participate in physical activities, nutrition programs, and social events. Many facilities offer outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, camping, or skiing.

Recovery for Life

While it is difficult to send your teen somewhere else to live for a few months, it is in their best interest to get them away from all the things that influence and trigger their addictive behaviors. Contact us today, to get your son on a path of rehabilitation and an addiction-free life. You will stay involved in your teen’s recovery process through family therapy sessions, visits, and regular progress reports. Your teen will get the therapy that they need for a successful recovery, as well as academic help, and a chance to engage in healthy activities. They learn to develop strategies to fight their addictions for the rest of their lives.

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