How to Help Your Son Become a Leader

Every parent wants to see their child become a leader. Leaders are confident, self-assured, helpful, ambitious, and determined, which are all qualities that a parent wants their son to possess. Here are four ways that you can help your son become a leader.

Be a Leader Yourself

One of the best teaching methods is to lead by example. Your son will be much more likely to take on leadership responsibilities when he sees that his parents do as well. This means getting involved in your neighborhood, children's schools, church, etc. When he notices that you are involved with various organizations or activities, he will learn from your example and have more confidence taking on leadership roles of his own.

Instill Leadership Values

From a young age, work on instilling leadership values in your son. These opportunities will come often but may be hard to recognize. While there are many different leadership values, here are some of the most important and scenarios where you can instill teachable moments.

  • Compassion- Your son sees a friend or sibling fall and get hurt, encourage them to offer comfort and ask if they need help.
  • Integrity- Your son gets an answer right on a test, even though he knows it is wrong, urge him to tell his teacher of the mistake.
  • Cooperation- No child wants to share, from a young age teach your son the importance of sharing, and cooperating well with others.
  • Focus- Help him accomplish something difficult, such as studying for and taking a big test.
  • Courage- Encourage him to try new things, like trying out for a team, auditioning for the school play, or asking a girl on a date.


You can't be a good leader without appreciating the importance of teamwork. From a young age have your child try different sports until he finds something that he really loves. As he tries various sports he will come to appreciate the value of teamwork and then be able to apply that principle of camaraderie into every aspect of his life.

The Importance of Humility

Possessing humility is a definite mark of a great leader. This is not simply admitting when you're wrong, though this is an important quality. A humble leader's overall goal is for his team to succeed. Often this means forgetting himself and listening to the suggestions and ideas of others until together they are able to come up with a worthwhile solution. Humility isn't the easiest of attributes for teenage boys to come by, but you can help teach him within your own home. As the leader of your household, organize a trip or activity and then have your son help you plan it. He may plan things you never would have yourself, but he will always remember the feeling of accomplishment and pride from seeing his plans set into action. When he is in a leadership role himself, he will be more likely to replicate your humble example.

By practicing these four tips throughout your son's life, he will undoubtedly learn from your direction and grow to be the leader you always knew he was capable of becoming.

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