Is Boarding School The Right Place For Your Temperamental Teen?

Your nerves are shot. You are angry. You feel helpless and hopeless. The situation just doesn’t seem to get any better, no matter how many programs you try, therapists you speak to, school meetings you participate in, or even court mandated actions you take part in.

Sound familiar? If you are the parent of a troubled teen this is probably your everyday life.

Back in 2014 it was estimated that two million teenagers were arrested every single year. That was a staggering figure and there was a movement born to change it. Things have since turned to treatment rather than punitive punishment, especially for nonviolent offenses or mental health problems that cause teens to lash out.

Unfortunately, not all teenagers react properly to this method of treatment. Regular support groups, therapies or even intensive rehabilitation programs don’t make a dent. Those failures leave parents unable to cope, unsure of where to turn.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools: The New Solution

For extreme cases, there is always therapeutic boarding school. These institutions are a unique treatment option that works by using intensive therapy and cognitive behavioral modification via coping strategies. But rather than stopping there, your teen also focuses on improving their academic performance and planning for the future.

An average day tends to include classes, one on one tutoring, homework help, one on one therapy, group therapy and extracurricular activities that are of interest to your teen. Those could include sports, art, media or even niche activities like equestria or animal care.

What Makes These Boarding Schools So Effective?

The immersion of these programs make them highly effective in curbing certain behaviors. Your teen will be in smaller classes with a smaller group of peers. There are larger numbers of staff, all highly trained in their fields. These include therapists, psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses, teachers, tutors, support group coordinators and more. They are dedications to creating a specialized regimen for your child that delves into the core issues behind their behavior while teaching them to cope with difficult emotions.

Each boarding school has certified medical staff to manage medications and mental or physical conditions. All teachers are ready to provide additional support for each student, as necessary for their continued learning.

Is Boarding School Right For My Teens?

Many of the students at these therapeutic boarding schools are extreme cases that have tried everything else. Others need less intervention but are taking the opportunity to improve their academic performance and mental health in a calm, secure setting.

To find out if your teen is a good candidate for boarding school, visit Liahona Academy.

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