Learning How to Handle Anger and Why Punching Holes in Walls Isn’t the Way


As your teen boy matures, he is growing into his body and dealing with raging hormones, which can bring on a plethora of problems. He might face stress from school, sports or pressures at home. He doesn’t know how to handle his moods or deal with emotional upheaval. However, he will need to understand how to cope with his anger so that he doesn’t punch holes in walls, cause other property damage or hurt someone that he loves.

Learning to Deal with Emotions

To manage a teen’s anger, he must first identify his feelings, which can be challenging for adults, let alone teens. Teens take time to mature into self-awareness regarding their emotions. Once they learn self-awareness, they need to gradually grow into self-control or learning how to think and make wise choices. Self-control allows your son to realize that he is in charge of his behavior. He can look at possible negative behaviors and take proactive steps to change his actions so that he has a positive result instead.

Practical Options for Stress Management

  • Pray or meditate. You can learn how to reduce your overall stress by simply taking deep breaths. Stress won’t build up inside you, waiting to explode at the slightest provocation.
  • Do something to distract yourself. Read, go to a movie, watch TV or spend time on a hobby to help alleviate stress. https://www.liahonaacademy.com/tactics-for-stopping-your-defiant-teens-gaming-addiction.html
  • Teens and adults alike can reduce stress by exercising, even if they just take a 20-minute walk. Numerous studies have documented the positive effect that exercise has on your mood.
  • Talk out your frustrations. Find a friend, parent, teacher or counselor that you trust and work through your emotions. Sadness or fear might contribute to your anger, and talking helps you with this process.
  • Doodle or draw. Even if you just sketch, pictures can help relieve stress.
  • Document your feelings. You can write poetry, a short story, journal or write song lyrics. Keep your thoughts or throw them away. No matter what you choose, you are processing your feelings.
  • Listen to music, which can also boost your mood. Dancing to the music adds exercise to the mix, further helping the situation.

5 Steps to Manage Anger

  1. Identify the root of the problem. Determine where the anger is coming from.
  2. Look for possible solutions. Stop to think about the reaction. Exercise self-control.
  3. Weigh the consequences of each choice. He might decide to yell at his parents, argue or sneak out. However, each of these poor decisions leads to negative consequences. If your teen faces the challenge head on, he will find a better result.
  4. After weighing all of the options, make an informed decision.
  5. Think about the entire process and determine if he made the right decision. Ask if the outcome was what he wanted. Encourage him for processing through his feelings without jumping to a hasty decision.

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