Liahona Treatment Center – Southern Utah’s Residential Treatment Program

Although it is common for teen boys to exhibit a certain amount of defiance and acting out, some take it beyond the normal boundaries and engage in self-destructive and damaging behaviors that their parents are at a loss to control. Troubled teen boys may be unable or unwilling to recognize that they need help, even if the situation is obvious to their parents and teachers. Many are surrounded by negative influences every day that lead to poor decision making. Some boys have mentally based behavioral disorders and simply need constant and consistent help learning the tools they need in order to thrive. In many cases, removing your son from bad influences and placing him in a full time therapeutic environment can be more effective than anything you are able to do at home. Residential treatment programs are ideal for teens who have not responded to outpatient options. Although it is an intimidating decision for parents to make, giving your son the opportunity to reside in an environment dedicated to helping him turn his life around can be life-changing.

Liahona Treatment Center is a residential treatment program with an exceptional reputation for safe, secure and structured recovery for struggling teen boys. Licensed therapists and counselors with years of experience in behavior modification are on staff to guide and support each boy through individual and group therapy sessions as well as healthy recreational activities where he can practice healthy interaction with his peers. Academic counselors, accredited teachers and trained mentors at Liahona Treatment Center work individually with each teen to get him up to grade level and move forward in school.

Liahona Treatment Center is located in southern Utah, making it an ideal setting to incorporate recreational and adventure therapy in its program. Hiking, camping, water sports, skiing and more give troubled teens from throughout the country an opportunity to recognize their strengths and overcome their weaknesses while bonding with peers and reaching personal goals. Utah is a popular destination for residential treatment programs and therapeutic boarding schools, as it has some of the most stringent laws regulating the teen help industry. Parents can rest easy knowing that Liahona Treatment Center meets or exceeds some of the highest standards in the nation.

The program at Liahona Treatment Center is unique in that it encourages boys to make changes from the inside out rather than simply dealing with the symptoms. Physical punishment, intimidation and manipulation are not part of the curriculum like they are in military style programs. Rather, each boy receives individual care in order to help him to set goals for his unique needs. Our goal is to help every boy that comes to us gain the skills he needs to succeed and become healthy and confident for life. If you have questions about our program or would like a free consultation to discuss your son’s needs, call us today at 1-855-587-1416. 

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